Loretta Jackson, Vickie Britton

Murder and the Monalet Ruby

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Murder and the Monalet Ruby (Book 4 of The Ardis Cole Series)

Mystery writers and sisters, Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson, are back! Co-authors of mysteries, suspense, and western novels, plus numerous short stories, and the adventure continues in this fourth edition of The Ardis Cole Series, Murder and the Monalet Ruby. Good clean reading for all!

Book is also available through Amazon and BN or ask for it wherever books are sold. The ebook version of this book can be ordered through Amazon.



Murder and the Monalet Ruby (Book 4 of The Ardis Cole Series)

“… superbly crafted and entertaining mystery adventure …”
— Midwest Book Review

When Ardis Cole goes to South Dakota to handle a bequest of pioneer and Sioux artifacts left to the University of Chicago by the wealthy private collector, Anthony LaMoine, she finds unexpected trouble—a stolen ruby, a present-day murder, and a skeleton in the cellar! As a teenager after a battle with his father, Anthony’s adopted son had run away from home. Find the son, the housekeeper tells her, and you’ll find the thief. But is the son really the guilty party? And is the mysterious writer-historian, Seldon Drake, the man he claims to be—or is he an imposter?

Each book in The Ardis Cole Series takes place in an exotic location. The authors have travelled to such places as Peru, Russia, Egypt, China, and Australia in preparation for this series.

Book is also available through Amazon and BN or ask for it wherever books are sold. The ebook version of this book can be ordered through Amazon.

About the Authors

Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson are not only experts in researching the setting for their novels; they also travel to the location to get a sense of the local scenery and to learn more about the culture. Britton holds a degree in British Literature and has taken courses in forensics and criminal justice. Jackson, a graduate of K.U., has taught English and Creative Writing at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota and at Mission Valley near Eskridge, Kansas. Both authors reside in Kansas.

Britton and Jackson are available for book signings and book club discussions.

Website on Facebook: www.facebook.com/VickieBrittonAndLorettaJackson

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Loretta Jackson, Vickie Britton



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Books by author

• The Curse of Senmut (Book 1)
• Unmarked Grave (Book 2)
• The Crimson Masquerade (Book 3)
• Murder and the Monalet Ruby (Book 4)
• The Destruction of Neva (Book 5)
• Killer of Eagles (Book 6)
• The Pirated Emerald (Book 7)
• Consider Me Dead (Book 8) Coming soon!


eBook, Softcover

5 reviews for Murder and the Monalet Ruby

  1. Judith Peterson

    Suspense and so easy to read! The characters in this book are so diverse and the setting is so remote. It brings you to a place where they are searching for the unknown truth from way back when. After the owner of the mansion dies, a museum is set up of old relics per his will. The twists and turns of who you can trust and who you can’t never stops. There is a theft. There are killings. There is a person found. It all comes together in such a way that I couldn’t help but smile.

    If you are looking for a mystery that is easy to read and fun, then pick up a copy of this book! You’ll enjoy it!

  2. DSA Reviews

    Editorial Review, Praise for Book 3, The Crimson Masquerade – This was a really good mystery. Even after I was done reading I was still trying to figure out how the killer did it, and I could not believe who the killer was. I also really enjoyed that the story took place in China, and the authors did a great job of making me feel like I was in China with the characters … I can not wait for more of this series to come out.

  3. Mystery Scene Magazine

    Editorial Review, Praise for Book 1, The Curse of Senmut — Nice thrills and chills. The authors have obviously done their archeological homework, and in between all the mysterious goings-on, we learn fascinating details of Hatshepsut’s stormy reign. The Egyptology is all there, and it’s enjoyable.

  4. A&RBC Reviews, Teresa Beasley

    Editorial Review, Praise for Book 2, Unmarked Grave takes readers on a journey of family secrets. The twists in the story were unsuspected and shocked me once I discovered the culprit’s identity. I enjoyed this story because of its mysterious nature and also because I couldn’t figure it out until the very end. It kept my attention and I enjoyed the characters. I recommend Unmarked Grave to others.

  5. Midwest Book Review

    Editorial Review – Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton have effectively collaborated to present a series of superbly crafted and entertaining mystery adventures featuring Ardis Cole, an intelligent, fearless, and perservering young lady who finds herself in the midst of exciting and suspenseful mysteries set in a variety of different locales.

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