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Kingdom Corner Connection: Where Wonder Awaits — A companion book to the Trinity Tales of Tresia series.

Discovering the Presence, Power, and Plan of God – There is a connection between us, our individual corners of the world, and the Kingdom of God. Find a quiet corner and ask the Holy Spirit to connect you to the Kingdom. Wonder awaits.

Book is also available through Amazon and BN or ask for it wherever books are sold. The ebook version of this book can be ordered through Amazon.



Kingdom Corner Connection: Where Wonder Awaits (Discovering the Presence, Power, and Plan of God) — A companion book to the Trinity Tales of Tresia series.

Have you ever thought about the connection between us, our individual corners of the world, and the Kingdom of God? Why is that important? Because without it, we have no relationship, no communication, and above all, no power to use the authority we’ve been given in this earth. How it works is not a mystery. It’s not hard to establish or impossible to carry through. It’s easy and light.

All a connection with the Kingdom of God takes is our time and effort to make it a priority. After all, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit created us because They wanted a family; to interact with, to bless above and beyond what we could ever ask or think, and to eventually take up residence with Them in Heaven forever.

But we can have a taste of Heaven right here, right now. Just find a quiet corner and ask the Holy Spirit to connect you to the Kingdom. He’s waiting for us. It’s why the Father and Jesus sent Him. To answer our call.

Wonders await.

Kingdom Corner Connection: Where Wonder Awaits (Discovering the Presence, Power, and Plan of God)

Book is also available through Amazon and BN or ask for it wherever books are sold. The ebook version of this book can be ordered through Amazon.

Praise for Kingdom Corner Connection

Kingdom Corner Connection takes the truth of God’s word, and the fullness of the Kingdom available to every believer, and gives practical advice on how to walk it out. Within the pages of this book is the testimony of a faithful God that gives each reader permission to believe for their own Kingdom breakthrough. J.A. McPhail takes phrases such as “Kingdom living” and “the plan of God” and explains them into every day concepts through her own life experiences with relevant scripture woven in between.

Each person’s relationship with the Lord is the most important relationship we will ever tend to. Good communication with the Lord through reading His word, prayer and intercession is critical to fostering that relationship. Kingdom Corner Connection is an excellent tool to help us engage in more communication for a better relationship with our Creator and King.

Melissa Joy Wright, Evangelist and Prayer Pastor for Becoming Love Ministries Association, http://www.BecomingLoveMinistries.com

From the author of the well-known Tresia series comes this refreshing autobiographical-style work on living life with a Kingdom of God outlook. Each brief chapter is filled with poignant insights and Scripture passages which remind us of our longing for connection and home. If you’re a fan of music, reading, creativity, and family … you’ll love Kingdom Corner Connection. This book will end up on your bed-side table!

Dr. Paul Pettit, speaker, and Author of Christ-Centered Masculinity, President & Founder, Dynamic Dads, http://www.dynamicdads.com

If you want to know what Kingdom Corner Connection is all about, here it is in author J. A. McPhail’s own words. “…encouraging you to spend enough time with God to know Him and to live well in His Kingdom.” Deftly and creatively woven with her own life experiences, Kingdom Corner Connection is written from a place of humility and vulnerability, and imparts fresh and creative ideas of how each of us can spend quality, make-a-difference-time with God—the God Who “knows exactly where I am and how I got here.” A must-have guide for all devoted Kingdom-dwellers.

Deb Gorman, Debo Publishing, Author of Who Are These People: Spiritual Lessons In Obscurity, Books One and Two and Leaving Your Lover, http://www.debggorman.com

Kingdom Corner Connection: Where Wonder Awaits; those words are music to my ears! I have been a pastor’s wife for over ten years and I would love to see all born again believers grasp the concepts hidden within these pages. Our daily walk is all about relationship with the Father. He longs to know us and for us to know Him. J.A. McPhail has done a phenomenal job explaining the tools we have been given to be successful in connecting and building the Kingdom of God.

I personally had a deep connection with Part II: The Corner. My personal experiences in my Kingdom Corner are sometimes beyond words. That is an essential place for every child of God. If you don’t have a Kingdom Corner you have no idea what you are missing out on! There is nothing like the comfort, peace, encouragement, and guidance from the “Cornerman.” Open your hearts and get ready to be challenged and charged for your Kingdom assignment.

Sarah C. Cooke, Pastor’s wife, West Asheboro Church of God, Asheboro, NC, http://www.westasheborocog.org

Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” In the 50 years that I have known this author, I can testify that her life has been a constant demonstration of a life of faith in her Lord. This book chronicles many key events from her life’s faith journey, with all of its ups and downs. It will also serve as a challenge to those who read it to follow a similar path of faith. I personally owe Jeannie a huge debt of gratitude for how she reached out to share her faith with me, when our friendship began when we were in high school together.

Bob Iwig, (The Bob in Chapter 10!), Associate Pastor, Hope Bible Fellowship, Noblesville, IN, http://www.hopebiblefellowship.net

Dear reader, please be sure to take the time to read this beautiful book. It is my favorite book by J.A. McPhail. The author grabbed me from the beginning to the end. I loved how she wove personal testimony and spiritual truth together into its pages. From relating about going through a tornado, noting the parallel of the the Unshakable Kingdom, J.A. keeps you enchanted and inspired. She, like Jesus, is a true storyteller, and you will be blessed from start to finish. Every page will keep your attention, from song titles to Raggedy Ann, to her daughter’s Coca-Cola collection to personal directives. Prepare to be challenged, blessed and inspired.

Dr. Barri Cae Seif, Author of The Name, Hashem, speaker, and Founder of Sar Shalom Israel, Ovilla, TX, http://www.sarshalomisrael.org

About the Author

J.A. McPhail is a writer and published author. She is a graduate of the Rubart Writing Academy, a member of the Association of Christian Fiction Writers, and the North Carolina Storytelling Guild.

McPhail’s first book was published in 2012. Dawn of Day is a middle-grade historical fiction novel about the Free State battle and the Underground Railroad in Kansas. Her second book, published at the end of 2013, is a memoir about her daughter, Stacie, titled, I Will Not Fear: A Chosen Life. Trinity Tales of Tresia trilogy is an upper middle-grade inspirational fantasy.

J.A. McPhail is a native of Kansas and a former public library director. She married her high school sweetheart, Dennis McPhail, a high school counselor, choral director, and coach. For over three decades they sang Southern Gospel music with the Messengers Quartet in Kansas, and later with their daughter Stacie as The Macs in North Carolina. Now the McPhail’s write books and songs from their retirement home in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

J. A. McPhail interviewed by Georgia Ruth Writes.

Visit the author’s website: www.jamcphail.com


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• Dawn of Day
• I Will Not Fear: A Chosen Life
• Trinity Tales of Tresia: A Most Remarkable Hat (Book I)
• Trinity Tales of Tresia: A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella (Book II)
• Trinity Tales of Tresia: A Perfectly Magnificent Cane (Book III)
• A Glimpse: A Truly Excellent Scepter (a short story for Trinity Tales of Tresia series)
• A Perfectly Magnificent Cane (Book III of the Trinity Tales of Tresia)


eBook, Softcover

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