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A Perfectly Magnificent Cane

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A Perfectly Magnificent Cane (Book III of the Trinity Tales of Tresia)

Twelve-year-old adopted twins, Gracie and Gene, take three journeys with their Samoyed dog and a family heirloom, a musical dancing cane. Seeking the secret of the cane to find a mystical Scepter, they travel to an undersea Christmas city, the Tresia Highlands, and a hidden passage leading to a fierce battle and the discovery of a powerful sword.

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A Perfectly Magnificent Cane
(Book III of the Trinity Tales of Tresia)

Even at the ripe old age of twelve, Gracie and her twin brother, Gene, are officially adopted by the coolest couple ever! Their new mom and dad, Winny and Vince MacPherson, have told them amazing stories about a mysterious family heritage, magical gifts, and journeys through a three-realm universe called Tresia. While exploring the attic at the farm Winny inherited from Gran, Vince presents Gracie and Gene with Gramps’ old dancing cane, a mystical family heirloom kept especially for them. The twins are thrilled as they discover that both their first family and their new one, share a mutual love of music, old movie musicals, and dancing.

Their adventures with the cane lead the siblings to the same beach where their parents were taken when they took their first journey to other realms. From the beach, the kids travel to an undersea Christmas village where they meet another pair of siblings, a Messenger from the Kingdom Beyond Time and his sister, the Keeper of the city, who is a marvelous cellist. On their second journey, they meet a handsome harp-playing Highlander who guides them to the Tresia Highlands. His sisters make and present them with a beautiful tartan made at the Tartan Factory. Their third journey takes them to a three-ring circus, where they weren’t supposed to be, and the twins find themselves spinning out of control with the clowns. They barely escape the circus, thanks to an old friend of their parents, a Messenger who brings his white tiger to help. Finally, Gene and Gracie are joined by family and friends and they all enter a dangerous passage that leads to a fierce battle with enemies from the Fiery Realm of Mahvet, and the discovery of a powerful sword.

On their journeys, Gracie and Gene learn to appreciate the power of music as they are presented with musical forms of haiku poetry. Their new dad, Vince, invented a name for the haiku poems he and Winny found on their journeys. He called them Hai-klues. The Hai-klues the twins are given contain in the words and music, the hidden secrets and instructions to accomplish their assignment from the Three in One. Those secrets will be the key to the choices they make for the rest of their lives.

The presence of an annoying classmate who has somehow followed them to the Highlands, causes confusion and doubt as they try to treat her with kindness even though she drives them crazy. Is Cally an enemy or a friend? And what about the giant eagle with the strange eyes, and his rider who show up everywhere they go?

Before the journey ends, the companions must cross the river into the Kingdom Beyond Time if they hope to discover where the Scepter of Tresia is hidden. But will they be able to continue their narrow escapes from Calypso, the evil being who appears either as an ugly woman with green hair or as streaks of eerie emerald mist! Winny and Vince’s old nemesis, the Great Dragon Rasha, summons Agent Khadol and even the annoying imps Hyrtz and Myrt, to join the battle and stop the quest. How can Gracie and Gene overcome their enemies, master the secret of the cane, and see the mysteries of Tresia revealed before it’s too late? Time is running out!

Book is also available through Amazon and BN or ask for it wherever books are sold. The ebook version of this book can be ordered through Amazon.

Praise for Book III

A Perfectly Magnificent Cane is both a fitting resolution to the Trinity Tales of Tresia series and a compelling coming of age story on its own. Author J.A. McPhail deftly weaves Christian teachings and beliefs into the action as twins Gracie and Gene go on the adventure of a lifetime that takes them plummeting down to a city under the ocean and trekking across the picturesque Tresia Highlands. Children of all ages will identify with Gracie as she struggles to discover her destiny, buoyed by the love of her new adoptive parents, and will come away, as the heroine does, grounded in the ways of the “Kingdom Beyond Time.” — Tammie Gercken, staff writer, The News Herald, Morganton, North Carolina

Book III in the Trinity Tales of Tresia series is as remarkable as the other journeys J. A. McPhail has taken us on. Vince and Winny return in an unexpected way, as parents of adopted twins, Gracie and Gene. They watch and guide as their children seek God’s plan for their lives while traveling through the Realms of Tresia. Not defined by space or time, these tales weave ordinary life with extraordinary experiences, taking the reader to the supernatural realm. Through these magnificent adventures, adults and children alike will find that sometimes our job is to have faith and believe that our actions are having a spiritual impact on others, leaving the ultimate choice to them. Other times, we are expected to stand our ground and fight in the forefront of the battle. We follow the guidance of the Three in One and journey forth to discover which paths to follow through life. And for those of us who are grown, to fulfill our goal to “assist Young Ones on their journey.” —Charity Jamison, Vanguard & Teacher, Smokey Mountain Elementary, Whittier, NC

What a journey it has been through the Trinity Tales of Tresia series. I have thoroughly enjoyed stepping into this world of fantasy mixed with spiritual truths. For readers of all ages, this third book, “A Perfectly Magnificent Cane” brings mystery, anticipation, wonder, blessing and hope through the lives of Winny and Vince and their children – Gene and Gracie, bringing to life profound biblical truths. And of course, we can’t forget Zion, the not so ordinary dog. J. A. McPhail has done an excellent job of transporting the reader to different realms through the use of words and word pictures. Readers will see the struggle between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm, and find that everyone has a choice to make in life, right or wrong. Like the characters in the book, we have all been given gifts and tools. Through the gift of the magnificent cane and the mysterious Lydian Stone necklace, Gene and Gracie see mighty works happen right before their eyes. With whimsical flair we are reminded that “seeds” of love, kindness, and truth we scatter around us, multiply and grow for His kingdom. Faith, trust, friendship and love follow this story from beginning to end. —Kerri Sasnett, Missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators/Seed Company, Waxhaw, NC www.wycliffe.org

This book is fascinating! To read this series and follow the characters’ journeys, is mystery and more. Written so children can enjoy the book, it also helps them understand the parallel of the Bible. What a gifted writer! This book held my attention, I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to see what happened next. Loved it! — Janet Houk, Missionary with ABWE, Durbin, South Africa and Morganton, NC

I have been waiting for this third book to come out, and I am very glad that it is here. This book is great for middle-grade readers who are looking for an inspirational and heartfelt story with fun and relatable characters. —Emalee N., age 12

Love this series from beginning to end! As this story is brought to a close, I’ve loved joining these characters on their journeys. The Realms of Tresia will stay with the reader long after the cover is closed. —Caitlyn N., age 16

Enjoy new adventures in Tresia. Meet new characters and catch up with previous characters! This book is full of excitement that I’m sure you won’t want to miss! —Lilly H., age 13

About the Author

J.A. McPhail is a published author and a member of the Morganton Writers’ Group, North Carolina Storytelling Guild, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Jeannie’s first book was published in 2012. Dawn of Day is a middle-grade historical fiction novel about the Free State battle and the Underground Railroad in Kansas. Her second book, published at the end of 2013, is a memoir about her daughter, Stacie, titled, I Will Not Fear: A Chosen Life. Trinity Tales of Tresia trilogy is an upper middle-grade inspirational fantasy!

Jeannie’s job experience includes serving as a managing editor for a women’s newspaper, editor and photographer for a real estate magazine, music teacher, and public library director. Over the past 25 years, she has written hundreds of articles for various newsletters and newspapers, including several years writing for the Morganton News Herald’s “Burke County Notebook” column.

Jeannie is a native of Kansas, where she married her high school sweetheart, Dennis McPhail. Dennis is a high school counselor, choral director, and coach. They sang in the Messengers Quartet of Silver Lake, KS, for over 23 years. In 2002, they moved to NC and joined their daughter, Stacie, singing together for nine years as a family trio called The Macs.

J. A. McPhail interviewed by Georgia Ruth Writes.

Visit the author’s website: www.jamcphail.com


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J.A. McPhail


Traci Osborn




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5.5" x 8.5"

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Juvenile Fiction
• Religious
• Christian
• Action & Adventure
• Family – Siblings


General Audience
• Age range – 7 to 12
• Grade range – 3 through 6

Books by author

• Dawn of Day
• I Will Not Fear: A Chosen Life
• Trinity Tales of Tresia: A Most Remarkable Hat (Book I)
• Trinity Tales of Tresia: A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella (Book II)
• A Glimpse: A Truly Excellent Scepter (a short story for Trinity Tales of Tresia series)
• A Perfectly Magnificent Cane (Book III of the Trinity Tales of Tresia)


eBook, Hardcover, Softcover


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