Trinity Tales of Tresia: A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella

Trinity Tales of Tresia: A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella (Book II)

by J.A. McPhail ~ illustrations by Traci Osborn

Before the beginning of Time, was the eternal Three in One. From the empty expanse of space They spoke into existence the Realms of Tresia; a home, but no family. So They created children and gave them gifts. Tresia Logo

Brie has waited and hoped for a remarkable twelfth birthday gift from her neighbors. What they give her isn’t even close. It’s a horrible ugly black second-hand umbrella! Now she may never go on three magical journeys and discover the secrets of Tresia.

Then Dave shows up. He’s too polite and way over-dressed. After her party, Brie’s expected to entertain “Goody-Two-Shoes” Dave all by herself.

When she drops her ordinary gift down a dark shaft, her beloved Samoyed dog, Tara, leads Brie and Dave into a hidden cavern where everything changes, including her umbrella. This is her chance! They discover three powerful gems, two princesses, and a mystical swinging bridge. But Brie and her companions risk losing everything when they face the Great Dragon Rasha, evil Agent Khadol, and the dangerous Shadowshifter.

Brie must learn to trust her friends, her gifts, and the Three in One. But will she make everyone so mad they give up on her? Will she be forgiven, allowed to enter the Kingdom Beyond Time, and have her gifts restored? Or will someone else end up with everything that was supposed to be hers?

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J. A. McPhail weaves an intricate allegorical story in her latest book, Trinity Tales of Tresia, Book II: A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella. Where most authors choose to inform, McPhail entertains and educates the reader. She captures the essence of excitement and intrigue and skillfully crafts a work that readers of any age would enjoy. Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the read of your life!

– Barri Cae Seif, Ph.D., Author, The Name: Hashem; Theologian; President, Massay Yahdav, The Works of His Hands, Inc.,, Ovilla, TX

The extraordinary adventure continues as J.A. McPhail brings the world of Tresia to life once again with her vivid descriptions and flowing literary style. Young Brie and her new friend Dave take us along as they trek into a fantastic land where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and battles are fought and won by acting in faith, trust and love. Tales of magical stones, plain ol’ umbrellas, talking winged beasts, transforming scepters and powerful new friends imaginatively teach readers of all ages scriptural principles to live by. I can’t wait to find what tales await us next in the land of Tresia.

– Rev. Randall Miller, Pastor Cherokee Bible Church, West District Director, Rhema Ministerial Association International, Cherokee, NC

After reading Book II of Trinity Tales of Tresia: A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella, I am struck by the power of interweaving fantasy and real life situations in the minds of the students who read this book! J. A. McPhail inspires practical life lessons, like experiencing consequences for poor choices, and everlasting spiritual lessons, such as the benefits of having a personal Kingdom Corner to worship, study and pray. Human and animal characters represent good and evil, and the eternal impact we have on each other’s lives. I loved the character’s new names and the roles of the Messengers and Vanguards. All of these brought reflection on my own life. My favorite quote brings encouragement and challenge, “The Three in One gives gifts for a reason,” my Messenger told me. “Our willingness to use them should never be a hard thing. Trust and perspective is the key to obedience.” As a former elementary school teacher, and home school mom, I can imagine my students being swept away in the action and dialogue as they become part of the story, while at the same time gaining Godly insights. Happy reading!

– Jill Harrison, Director of Operations, TY Ink Promotions, La Grange, KY

J.A. McPhail has once again fired a line drive fastball out of the park with Book II of her Trinity Tales of Tresia series. As a reader of fantasy and high fantasy for most of my life, the author has again shown her talent in weaving a fantastical story based on divine themes. Both of her works should be on the nighttime story top five list for all ages, especially for the preteen generation. Be prepared to block a weekend to read this new book as once it is started it cannot be put down until completion. I highly recommend to all ages McPhail’s latest work, A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella.

– Timothy Baskin, Founder and President, Baskin Capital Wealth Advisors, Allen, TX

A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella, is a magnificent story. I had the privilege of watching this masterpiece of work develop from its inception and when I finished reading the last chapter, I had goose bumps. Young people and adults alike will love Book II in J.A. McPhail’s Trinity Tales of Tresia series.

– Delight Van Horn, Picture Book Author, Henry the Huge Red-Tailed Hawk; newspaper columnist, Morganton, NC

J.A. McPhail’s Trinity Tales of Tresia, Book II: A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella, takes readers on a magical and spiritual adventure. No matter your age, it will leave you wondering about your own gifts and use of them. The main character shares with readers that spiritual growth happens over time. Mistakes are made, learned from, and consequences accepted. Then Brie continues her journey to become the best person she can be and to use her gifts for the good of all involved.

– Barbara Jolly-Deakle, Business Owner, newspaper columnist, and freelance writer, Morganton, NC

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Bravo, Jeannie, great job! – I have thoroughly enjoyed being transported into this book, Jeannie. You did such a great job writing, describing in beautiful details so that I could put myself right there, living through your words and descriptions. And the best part is that in the midst of the fantasy world – God was lifted high and exalted. You did a clever job of pulling me into the story. I am thrilled that this prayer of Stacy’s was answered and you did it well. Blessings and much encouragement to write more, Kerri – TS

Awesome adventure – Em age 9 says. I agree! We can’t wait for the next adventure!! – CN

Based on Christian values – Jeannie McPhail creates an elaborate fantasy based on Christian values for a young girl, her faithful dog, and her companions. With a comforting setting in rural mid-century America, Winny feels secure to set out for adventures in a mystical new world. From a dazzling beach to a flowing river beset with monsters, Winny courageously follows clues to fight evil and find the ultimate reward. The great strength of this tale for me are the children’s characters, Winny, Vince, and Rita. The author does not hit one wrong note with any of them. – GV

Exciting story – ”Trinity Tales of Tresia” is the exciting story of 12-year-old Winny, who travels “Beyond Time” accompanied by her devoted Samoyed dog, and humor-loving best friend, Vince. The three have amazing experiences, discover incredible worlds, and meet unforgettable characters. But be warned. There’s a risk. New neighbor Rita and a determined black cat could ruin everything. – JM

One you need to READ – A wonderful series for any age. It is a mystery and uplifting book that will bring a joy from reading. – B

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mcphail-jaJ.A. McPhail is a published author and a member of the Morganton Writers’ Group, North Carolina Storytelling Guild, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Jeannie’s first book was published in 2012. Dawn of Day is a middle-grade historical fiction novel about the Free State battle and the Underground Railroad in Kansas. Her second book, published at the end of 2013, is a memoir about her daughter, Stacie, titled, I Will Not Fear – A Chosen Life.

Trinity Tales of Tresia: A Most Remarkable Hat is McPhail’s third published book, an upper middle-grade inspirational fantasy and the first volume in her Trinity Tales of Tresia trilogy, released in December, 2015. The third book in the series is in the works!

Jeannie’s job experience includes serving as a managing editor for a women’s newspaper, editor and photographer for a real estate magazine, music teacher, and public library director. Over the past 25 years, she has written hundreds of articles for various newsletters and newspapers, including several years writing for the Morganton News Herald’s “Burke County Notebook” column.

Jeannie is a native of Kansas, where she married her high school sweetheart, Dennis McPhail. Dennis is a high school counselor, choral director, and coach. They sang in the Messengers Quartet of Silver Lake, KS, for over 23 years. In 2002, they moved to NC and joined their daughter, Stacie, singing together for nine years as a family trio called The Macs.

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Pages: 338


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Trinity Tales of Tresia - A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella

Trinity Tales of Tresia - A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella

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