Trinity Tales of Tresia: A Most Remarkable Hat

Trinity Tales of Tresia: A Most Remarkable Hat (Book I)

By J.A. McPhail • Illustrated by Traci Osborn

This is the first book of the Trinity Tales of Tresia trilogy.

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About A Most Remarkable Hat

Before the beginning of Time, they were Three in One. From the empty expanse of space they spoke into existence the Realms of Tresia; a home, but no family. So they created children. 

All her life Winifred Dalen has heard fantastic stories passed down from her grandmother and aunt about a mysterious universe and a secret family gift. But are the stories real? Now that Winny has turned twelve, it’s time for her to choose to believe or not. If she accepts them as truth, Winny has been told she will begin an amazing and magical journey. But she will also face wicked adversaries who want to steal her gift and keep her from the final destination. Who, or what, will win her heart and mind? And how can Winny fight an evil enemy alone, especially when she can’t even conquer her own schoolwork?

To help her decide what to do, Winny enlists two faithful companions; her sometimes too brilliant friend, Vince, and Ginny, her talented and semi-mystic Samoyed dog.

When Rita moves next door to Vince, Winny soon realizes that this girl revels in making her jealous. Rita stalks them, determined to discover why Vince and Winny keep sneaking off alone to look for some strange gift. But would following them be more dangerous than Rita could imagine?

However, none of it matters because in the Dalen family, before the journey can begin, each daughter must discover the gift for herself. And Winny still hasn’t found it.

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Book I of Trinity Tales of Tresia is as accurate an allegory of spiritual things as I have ever read. Ms. McPhail has melded fantasy and scriptural truth into an alloy that depicts eternal realities for readers both young and not-so-young. And it’s a smashing good story, besides! How wonderful that there is more to come in this fascinating trilogy!

– Sheryl Riggs, Office Manager, Len Mink Ministries, Tulsa, OK

McPhail has skillfully crafted a story of mystique and intrigue that immerses the reader into the lives and adventures of Winny and her crew of fantastical friends. Children of all ages will likely enjoy this tale of imagination, but I believe that the messages of trust, empathy, and faith can be especially meaningful for middle-grades readers as they struggle with beginning their own transformative adventure into early adolescence. I am excited to see how Winny, Vince, and Rita continue to grow and develop as this series progresses. These characters have the potential to serve as needed guides for youth as they navigate the physical, cognitive, social, and moral milestones that point them toward adulthood.

– Matthew L. Johnson, Assistant Professor of Education, Bryan College, Dayton, TN

I Love Winny, Vinny, and Ginny. Winifred knows in her heart that the traditional escape from school boredom will bring an exceptional summer adventure because this year she is twelve. But she has no idea her grandmother’s heirloom hat will have a contested power to whisk her on a magical adventure through a bubble tunnel to the beach, into a secret passage within a clock, and up tree stairs above the clouds.

With her best summertime buddy Vincent who helps her interpret clues to explain the supernatural, Winny begins the journey of a lifetime. Only her loyal Samoyed, Guinevere is aware of the dangers that lie ahead. Loveable characters make it easy to cheer their success as they grow in wisdom and battle for their place in eternity.

The author of Trinity Tales of Tresia deftly spotlights the difficult transition from protected youth to an age of responsibility and choice in a natural world of darkness. Powerful help is available in a tale reminiscent of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. This is a lovely story for all ages.

– Georgia Ruth Wilson, Short Story Author, Nebo, NC,

Trinity Tales of Tresia is the compelling story of 12-year-old Winny, who travels “Beyond Time” accompanied by her devoted dog, Ginny, and humor-loving best friend, Vince. The three of them have amazing experiences, discover incredible worlds, and meet unforgettable characters. But be warned. There’s a risk. New neighbor Rita and a determined black cat could ruin everything.

The tale will appeal to kids with a thirst for a fantastic quest, an appreciation of humor, and an affinity for curious, likeable, and energetic characters. The book will resonate with any parent or grandparent who has prayed that a particular child will make the right decisions while embarking on the sometimes scary quest of faith. The unforgettable portrayal of a Samoyed dog and her nemesis should attract animal lovers. Finally the vivid language should appeal to poets of any age.

I thoroughly enjoyed the superb plot, the vivid poetry, the humor, and the magical exploits. But most of all I loved the memorable characters, the colorful ones from beyond and the down-to-earth children with their wonderment and worry and willingness to give this other-worldly adventure a try.

– Maggie J. McKinney, Teacher, Columnist, and Freelance Writer, Morganton, NC

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Bravo, Jeannie, great job! – I have thoroughly enjoyed being transported into this book, Jeannie. You did such a great job writing, describing in beautiful details so that I could put myself right there, living through your words and descriptions. And the best part is that in the midst of the fantasy world – God was lifted high and exalted. You did a clever job of pulling me into the story. I am thrilled that this prayer of Stacy’s was answered and you did it well. Blessings and much encouragement to write more, Kerri – TS

“Awesome adventure” – Em age 9 says. I agree! We can’t wait for the next adventure!! – CN

Based on Christian values – Jeannie McPhail creates an elaborate fantasy based on Christian values for a young girl, her faithful dog, and her companions. With a comforting setting in rural mid-century America, Winny feels secure to set out for adventures in a mystical new world. From a dazzling beach to a flowing river beset with monsters, Winny courageously follows clues to fight evil and find the ultimate reward. The great strength of this tale for me are the children’s characters, Winny, Vince, and Rita. The author does not hit one wrong note with any of them. – GV

Exciting story – ”Trinity Tales of Tresia” is the exciting story of 12-year-old Winny, who travels “Beyond Time” accompanied by her devoted Samoyed dog, and humor-loving best friend, Vince. The three have amazing experiences, discover incredible worlds, and meet unforgettable characters. But be warned. There’s a risk. New neighbor Rita and a determined black cat could ruin everything. – JM

One you need to READ – Just finished this remarkable book. A wonderful story for any age. It is a mystery and uplifting book that will bring a joy from reading.- B

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mcphail-jaJ.A. McPhail is a published author and a member of the Morganton Writers’ Group, North Carolina Storytelling Guild, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Jeannie’s first book was published in 2012. Dawn of Day is a middle-grade historical fiction novel about the Free State battle and the Underground Railroad in Kansas. Her second book, published at the end of 2013, is a memoir about her daughter, Stacie, titled, I Will Not Fear – A Chosen Life.

A Most Remarkable Hat is McPhail’s third published book, an upper middle-grade inspirational fantasy and the first volume in her Trinity Tales of Tresia trilogy, released in December, 2015. All three books are available through Rowe Publishing.

Jeannie’s job experience includes serving as a managing editor for a women’s newspaper, editor and photographer for a real estate magazine, music teacher, and public library director. Over the past 25 years, she has written hundreds of articles for various newsletters and newspapers, including several years writing for the Morganton News Herald’s “Burke County Notebook” column.

Jeannie is a native of Kansas, where she married her high school sweetheart, Dennis McPhail. Dennis is a high school counselor, choral director, and coach. They sang in the Messengers Quartet of Silver Lake, KS, for over 23 years. In 2002, they moved to NC and joined their daughter, Stacie, singing together for nine years as a family trio called The Macs.

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ISBN: 978-1-939054-56-2 (softcover)

Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

Pages: 224

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