I Will Not Fear

I Will Not Fear

A Chosen Life

by J.A. McPhail

She arrived late-over three weeks past her due date-and she departed decades too early for her family and friends. But during the 36 years of her life on earth, Stacie Jeanne McPhail brought love and joy to everyone who knew her. As a young child, she made the decision to live a life of complete faith in the God Who loved her. Stacie spent time in the Word of God and prayer daily, and relied on the Holy Spirit to guide her in making life decisions. Through the joys and challenges of growing up, school, career, relationships, home, and ministry, Stacie never doubted the good plan God had for her. Even when faced with a cancer diagnosis, Stacie stood firm on God’s promises, and remained strong and courageous all the way Home to Heaven. I Will Not Fear: A Chosen Life is a testimony to the faithfulness of God. It is the fulfillment of a mother’s promise to her only child, to share with others why and how this family chose, no matter what, to live a life of faith without fear.


Gwen Veazey, Freelance writer, Morganton, NC—This is certainly one of the most powerful things I’ve ever read. I am in awe of your ability to express your innermost feelings so well and create such a well-written and readable account of a devout Christian family’s life together and what happened when it was torn asunder. I think readers will no doubt be affected deeply. What a blessing you have given.

Dr. Shirley Bowles, Springs of Hope Counseling Center, PLLC, Statesville, NC—I do believe that your story…and Stacie’s story…will bring healing to others. A broken heart, a broken spirit can be more damaging than a broken body. Everything begins from the inside out. Jesus was sent to heal the broken-hearted (Luke 4:18). That is my prayer over I Will Not Fear: A Chosen Life that the anointing word of healing in which it was written and inspired will be transmitted to bring healing to many who may be broken in spirit and heart.

Linda Lee White, Linda Lee Ministries, Fairview, PA—The Holy Spirit wants this book out there to minister to people…and it will! You covered a lot of issues that a family can face where faith can be applied; chemo, tumors, surgeries, relationship issues, career decisions, etc. Every young girl will be inspired as they read about Stacie’s happy life because she chose to live for the Lord.

Melissa Wright, The Wrights Ministries, Topeka, KS—Wonderful. Not just wonderfully told, but beautifully lived. I’ve cried through every page, and feel refreshed for doing it.

Pastor John Whisnant, Jr., Grandview Baptist Church, Morganton, NC—As a pastor, I am often asked to answer tough questions. One of the toughest I’ve ever faced was, ‘Why did Stacie go to Heaven at such a young age?’ After much prayer and meditation, I have come to the simple conclusion that Stacie was not of this world. Stacie loved Gospel music. She is now singing with her heroes. Stacie loved the Bible. She is now with the One who inspired it and the men who wrote it. She loved her mom and dad. She is now with her Heavenly Father. In other words, Stacie is Home. She was our song leader and friend, faithful, devoted, irreplaceable. That sums up Stacie. She just wasn’t interested in too many things associated with this world. Don’t miss this story of a life lived in total devotion to the Lord. Then you, like everyone who knew her here, will have one more reason to go to Heaven.

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This book will uplift the spirit of anyone who has sustained trials in life. And help you live your life to the fullest with joy and not fear. A must read for all ages. — Ardus Berkley

It is a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it! It is a treasure! —Carol Nelson,Ed. Technology Media Specialist, McPherson, KS

Hope for Dark Times – Many of us cry “Why me?” when tragedy strikes. In this heartbreaking story of her daughter’s untimely death, McPhail does not ask this question. Instead, she shows how the family’s Christian faith helped them to overcome grief and face life with courage. – MJM

God Got This ! – This book will uplift the spirit of anyone who has sustained trials in life. And help you live your life to the fullest with joy and not fear. A must read for all ages. – AB

This is a very inspiring book, well written. … – This is a very inspiring book, well written. I think it would be a big help to any parent faced with losing an adult child. – DRC

mcphail-jaJ.A. McPhail is a writer and children’s author. Dawn of Day, was her first middle-grade historical fiction novel. She and her husband, Dennis, write Gospel songs and live near the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visit their website at www.themacsmusic.com . Email contact: jamcphail@charter.net

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