The Evolution of the Spirit of Mankind

The Evolution of the Spirit of Mankind: The Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers

Through the Medium: Julie MacDonald

Foreword by Malidoma P. Somé, Ph.D.


“There are many changes coming,

and you must be prepared.

There is nothing that you need to fear.

There is nothing you have ever had;

there is nothing you will ever lose.”

So said the Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers, a collective of four different personalities from the spirit world who communicated this book through Julie MacDonald and dictated to Yves Nazon. Revealing exciting truths about the nature of the soul, the Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers present an empowering way to view consciousness changes in this new era; and are a powerful wake-up call to our consumerist society. According to this group of beings, the information contained in this book is meant to meet each reader wherever they are in their own spiritual development, be they novice or experienced and help to bring them to the next step of their own growth, unfoldment, evolution, and subsequently, to the next step of evolution for human consciousness itself.


“This is a straight forward, no nonsense guide to understanding the essential spiritual principles that we modern folks have lost sight of. It calls attention to the damage that we humans have inflicted on each other and on the planet through our disconnection with the natural world and points the way toward a higher vision of living—a conscious and conscientious reconnection with All That Is. The wisdom offered is just what we need to heed in order to heal.”

– Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman, Author of The Queen of My Self

“Reverend Julie MacDonald is a medium by birth, a professional psychic, and a spiritual activist at the cutting edge of consciousness. What comes through her is radical, credible and utterly compassionate to the plight of humanity. The gift of this message is a measure of the depth of her connection. It is a monumental synthesis of our relationship with who we are: spirits in search of ourselves. In this book are the blueprints of what it takes to get back to that zero point module that is ourselves, and bow to this message with great reverence.”

Malidoma P. Somé, Ph.D., Dagara Elder, Author of The Healing Wisdom of Africa

A Must Read for Spiritual Seekers, Spiritually Curious, or Anyone Feeling Disconnected, Restless, or Dissatisfied – This is an essential for anyone awakening to the call to connect with Spirit, to cultivate a more compassionate and meaningful lifestyle, to comprehend the tumultuous changes in our modern world, and to be reminded of the reality behind the illusion of the mundane world. If this book has entered your awareness, you have been called to awaken. This book arrived serendipitously at a time when I had begun to question significant aspects of my life. Reading the teachings of the 82nd Regime of Light Workers has not answered all of my questions, more importantly, it has reminded me of where the most significant answers come from, and what has been getting in the way. I recommend this book for both the novice and those who see themselves as adept spiritual seekers. You will learn something regardless of your prior exposure to related material. More importantly, Julie MacDonald bravely sets the teachings of the 82nd Regime apart from many “New Age” books because she dares to present a message that is clear, comprehensive and genuine. This work takes contemporary interest in spiritual evolution beyond the narrow path of using metaphysical odds and ends to manifest a sports car. The teachings of the 82nd challenge readers to lift the veil of illusion and embrace the connection to Spirit which is our birthright for a higher purpose. I seldom re-read books, but I will return to this book again and again and as I will re-read it from different states of understanding, I know I will receive a new level of depth and meaning each time. This book has come into your life for a reason, and it will help you awaken to a new, higher, understanding of the nature of humanity and Spirit. – AK

Highly Recommended .. Read Many Times – The Evolution of the Spirit of Mankind is a book I had to read more than once. As a matter of fact, I find myself returning to the pages I highlighted and making more highlights.

Julie is a Medium who channels four different personalities of the spirit world. These four totally different personalities are providing us readers with lessons on the evolution of a universal consciousness. They are all witty and no nonsense personalities that give us, what I consider, thorough, clear and concise information explaining how our collective spirits are actually one and how each individual is and/or can help with the ascension of universal spirit.

Reading the book I garnered a new respect for Julie MacDonald as a Medium… whoa! It makes me wonder why she was chosen as the source of output. Whatever the reason, I believe she is more than just a Medium; she is a blessing to our collective ascension. I appreciate her for acknowledging and accepting that she had to get this information out to us. – DG

Take a peek…it”s Time – Spirit, Life, Service, Patience and Time are awakening in my heart as I keep reading the channeled book, “The Evolution of the Spirit of Mankind, the Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers thru channel Medium Julie MacDonald. In my opinion, the reader can anticipate an Experience, especially if you read it out loud until you get the chance to hear it in audio book or at a channeling event. My Life is changing to one of Hope and this book is helping me as I tentatively allow myself to embrace the next changes of my life to one more of service and helping and healing….to me I feel this book and each one of the “Collective channels including the named ones of Rebecca, Uncle, Grandfather and Compassionate one are there to meet you. And a Word of Love is this; Reading this book melts the icy places and creates connections. Take a peek…it’s Time. – SB

A Vital Message – In her book, ‘The Evolution of the Spirit of Mankind’, Julie MacDonald shares her very special connection with a group of beings she channels. The book contains a vital message. I am reminded in reading this book that Spirit walks with us, and is here to help us, that we are not alone. In a world and at a time in which so many troubles face us, these beings offer another possibility of creating a way of living based upon real mutual respect and the possibility of peace on the planet. I am grateful that Julie is the bearer of this very important message. Amazon Customer

I have highlighted, underlined and left notes in the … – I have highlighted, underlined and left notes in the margins of The Evolution Of The Spirit Of Mankind. I often return to the pages for inspiration and guidance. The Evolution Of The Spirit Of Mankind is an inspired collection of teachings from the Spirit realm. The Eighty Second Regime, as channeled through Julie, give those of us in human form direction and insight in matters that deeply influence our daily lives, our relationship to the earth and nature and the global community at large. The teachings are a call to action and an invitation to dig deeper into the nature of our being. The lessons from The Eight Second Regime and Julie MacDonald’s extraordinary gift of communication with Spirit are treasures to behold. – LS

Five Stars – Very much like seth books. – Amazon Customer

Five Stars – Great book!! Explains the gray areas. Very enlightening. – DCH

Appropriate – Clarification on exactly what I needed to hear. It does state if you read this book it’s meant for you. And it is. – Amazon Customer



Julie MacDonald

Julie MacDonald is a practicing medium; trance medium and ordained Spiritualist minister who has been communicating with those in the world of spirit since a young child. She has worked professionally as a psychic-medium with a global clientele, and additionally as a teacher, workshop and retreat facilitator, and speaker, since 1999.  Julie is the host of two Internet radio shows and has guested on numerous other radio and TV programs. She received years of training to compliment her natural gifts and has taught psychic development from beginning to advanced trance levels. Visit:

Malidoma P Some

Malidoma Patrice Some, PhD, West African Elder, author and teacher, as representative of his village in Burkina Faso, West Africa, has come to the west to share the ancient wisdom and practices which have supported his people for thousands of years.


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The Evolution of the Spirit of Mankind

The Evolution of the Spirit of Mankind

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