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Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle

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Sam “fights” bedtime to stay awake and play, Snoozby “defends” sleep and the bedtime battle ensues. While Sam may win the bedtime battle that night, he loses the war when his day at school is completely disrupted due to his lack of sleep.

Book is also available through Amazon and BN or ask for it wherever books are sold. The ebook version of this book can be ordered through Amazon.



Sam “fights” bedtime to stay awake and play, Snoozby “defends” sleep and the bedtime battle ensues. While Sam may win the bedtime battle that night, he loses the war when his day at school is completely disrupted due to his lack of sleep.

Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle is a groundbreaking nonfiction picture book for children about sleep health and wellness written by sleep educators and clinicians, Terry Cralle and Dr. W. David Brown.

Fully aware of the stressful bedtime battles that play out in homes around the globe every night, the authors raise awareness of the benefits of sleep while “disarming” children who are fighting sleep. In turn, sufficient sleep becomes a “win-win” proposition for everyone. In the end, Snoozby, the animated pillow, is the superhero and defender of sleep and is victorious in his bedtime battle with Sam.

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Snoozby is proud to be affiliated with Sweet Dreamzzz sleep kits for children! Sweet Dreamzzz is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the health, well-being, and academic performance of at-risk school-age children by providing sleep education and bedtime essentials.

Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle is adeptly disguised as a pleasurable bedtime story, yet its content is firmly based on current pediatric sleep medicine research.

Book is also available through Amazon and BN or ask for it wherever books are sold. The ebook version of this book can be ordered through Amazon.

Academic Alignments: Common Core Reading Standards are in alignment for grades 1–5, Health Standards for grades pre-K–5, Common Core State Standards for Mathematics for grades 1–3, and Next Generation Science Standards for kindergarten.

“Sleep is the forgotten country and is not getting the attention it merits. It plays out in the home, in the pediatrician’s office, and in school.”Dr. Mary A. Carskadon, PhD

“Consider that (sleep) is one of the building blocks of your child’s health, well-being and academic success. It’s equivalent to good nutrition, exercise and all the other things we try to foster and provide for our children. You’ve got to put sleep right up there at the top of the list.”Dr. Judith Owen, MD

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About the Author

Terry Cralle, RN, MS, CPHQ, serves as a national resource for sleep health awareness and is the national spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council. The cofounder of a sleep disorders center in Charlottesville, Virginia, Terry is a passionate and enthusiastic sleep health and wellness advocate and educator, holding the designations of Certified Clinical Sleep Educator and Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, and, in this capacity, has worked closely with such organizations as Better Sleep Council, International Sleep Products Association, American Sleep Apnea Association and Start School Later. She educates a wide variety of clients and consumers on the critical importance of sleep to physical and psychological health, weight management, safety, productivity, peak performance, success, and quality of life. Terry is an associate editor for the Journal of Lung, Pulmonary and Respiratory Research, as well as a frequent lecturer, speaker, and author on sleep issues. She provides sleep health and wellness consulting services to sleep clinics, schools, universities, U.S. corporations, and employee wellness companies and also consults with several industry leaders in bedding product development.

Terry holds a B.A. in Sociology from Randolph-Macon College. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Virginia Commonwealth University and completed a Masters of Science in Healthcare Management from the Finch University of Health Sciences at the Chicago Medical School.

Author’s website: www.terrycralle.com

About the Author

William David Brown, PhD, DABSM, CBSM, has treated hundreds of patients for a full range of sleep disorders over the past twenty-three years while serving as the clinical director of several hospital-based and free-standing sleep centers. He is currently a Sleep Psychologist at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, where he is the primary clinician diagnosing and treating pediatric insomnia using behavioral techniques. Additionally, he is starting a fellowship in pediatric behavioral sleep medicine and serves as Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, where he obtained his training in sleep medicine.

Dr. Brown is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine (one of the few PhDs in the United States to hold that distinction), a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and is certified in behavioral sleep medicine. He is a provider of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the mainstay in insomnia treatment today. He is among an elite group of fewer than 200 doctors in the United States who treat insomnia and are certified in behavioral sleep medicine.

His academic writing on the subject of sleep has included articles for academic journals as well as coauthoring and contributing to books on sleep medicine (see list below). As lead author of a groundbreaking research paper on adolescent sleep habits and driving, Dr. Brown helped demonstrate that sleep duration and school start times have a negative effect on a teen’s ability to drive. Dr. Brown subsequently was invited to address all drivers’ education instructors for the state of New Hampshire on the topic of sleep as a safety issue for new drivers. In the early 1990s, Dr. Brown was hired by the Employees Assistance Program (EAP) for the State of New Hampshire to provide education on the importance of sleep for all state employees when the state implemented its zero-tolerance policy for employees falling asleep at work. He did the same for the National Transportation Safety Board in New Hampshire when new hours of service rules were being developed for truck drivers.

Dr. Brown is currently involved in research on thermoregulation and sleep, sleep for children with muscular dystrophy, and the use of a novel device to improve muscle functioning and sleep.

About the Illustrator

Margeaux Lucas was born on Halloween, so she loves spooky things like black cats, full moons, and very starry nights. She began drawing constantly from age four, amazing her friends with pictures of people and animals, especially horses, which were her favorite. Her love of picture books came from the many hours she spent before bedtime reading from the collection at her grandmother’s house. She studied Graphic Design in school, but is largely self-taught as an illustrator. Margeaux’s work reflects her love of fashion, nature, and the many shapes, sizes and colors that people come in, plus the constant exuberance of children.

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Terry Cralle, RN, W. David Brown, PhD


Margeaux Lucas




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eBook, Hardcover, Softcover

4 reviews for Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle

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  2. Kwon

    Great way to motivate kids to improve sleep habits. Great book to help,kids understand the importance of sleep and its effect on their readiness and performance. An effective teaching aid.

  3. Alyce Loeseron

    Loved it… Read this aloud to my four year old and she really enjoyed it. The illustrations are colorful and there is a lot of good information that is presented in a fun, lighthearted and engaging way. Also, the questions included at the end of the book help provide further opportunity to really help young ones absorb the content. Struggles around bedtime are something that every parent is familiar with and I think the approach of educating little ones on the importance and benefits of a good nights sleep is an excellent tactic and a handy tool to have. Would definitely recommend this to any parent who has ever experienced first hand the Great Big Bedtime Battle.

  4. Mom

    Great book – for children and parents alike

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