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Along Winding Trails

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Joshua Ryder, convinced he carries bad blood, leaves Texas in the spring of 1876 with a trail herd of longhorns bound for Montana. In response to the readers wanting to know, Well… what happened next?, comes Book 2, of the Joshua Ryder Series.

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Joshua Ryder, convinced he carries bad blood, leaves Texas in the spring of 1876 with a trail herd of longhorns bound for Montana. The following spring he heads west with plans to settle near the Pacific Ocean and live in solitude with just his books and horses for company. But a Nez Perce woman and her baby change his plans and he ends up in Virginia City, Montana. There an old washerwoman, a little girl of white and Chinese ancestry, a young woman with red curls, and a murder charge further complicate his life.

Book is also available through Amazon and BN or ask for it wherever books are sold.

About the Author

Eunice Boeve, who was born and raised in Montana and Idaho, has spent nearly all of her adult life in Kansas. She writes for both adults and children usually in the genre of historical fiction. She and her husband raised four children and also have five grandchildren. In addition to her family, she loves books, the outdoors, and writing stories.

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Eunice Boeve



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• Historical-General
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Books by Author

• A Home in America: A Volga German Story
• Along Shadowed Trails
• Along Winding Trails
• Echoes of Kansas Past
• Maggie Rose and Sass
• The Summer of the Crow
• Wishing You Home



4 reviews for Along Winding Trails

  1. Dean Halliday Smith, Author of “The Wastage”

    Great Follow-upAlong Winding Trails is Eunice Boeve’s sequel to her first saga in the Josh Ryder series, Along Shadowed Trails. Her style of writing is excellent and the characters are developed well, and believably. These aren’t typical cowboy shoot-em-ups but the depth of the novels set in the Old West are excellent and worth the investment in money and reading time. I am a research guy, and these books are soaked with realism, and the research stands out. It is clear Eunice has done more than just sit down at a keyboard and start writing. I like this one even better than her initial book, Along Shadowed Trails and AST was excellent.

  2. LS

    An Honorable ManAlong Winding Trails is the sequel to Boeve’s Along Shadowed Trails. It features Josh Ryder, a young man from Texas who heads west with the intention of settling near the Pacific ocean. His plans get derailed in Montana when the rescue of a Nez Perce woman and her baby takes him to the rowdy town of Virginia City. Here, he’s forced to sit out the winter. His original plan gets further complicated when he falls in love with a pretty redhead, but then is accused of the murder of a friend and has to go on the run. He’s got to figure out now how to clear his name, save his neck from the noose, and stop the woman he loves from being taken advantage of by the suave killer.

    Along Winding Trails has a unique plot and interesting characters. It will be an enjoyable read for those who like a good western and a sweet love story all rolled into one.

  3. Marilyn Hope Lake, Ph.D.

    Boeve’s Characters Draw You into the Story – I was anxious to read this sequel to Along Shadowed Trails (formerly Ride a Shadowed Trail) because that first book was so good and touched me deeply. Yet, I also held off a little not wanting to be disappointed. Eunice Boeve never disappoints! This second book takes Josh Ryder to Montana with a trail herd. He winters over and in the spring, heads for the Pacific Ocean where he plans to live in solitude, but a chance encounter with a Nez Perce woman and her baby change those plans. In helping her, he finds he’s taken on a family of sorts, and because of them, meets Jolene, a young woman with red curls. A young woman destined to change his life forever. Like Boeve’s characters in Along Shadowed Trails, these characters, too, will draw you deep into the story. I smiled and cried and read as nonstop as possible. It’s another great read! I highly recommend it.

  4. Watchfuli

    A Perfect Sequel – In Along Winding Trails award-winning author Eunice Boeve picks up the threads of her book, Along Shadowed Trails (formerly Ride a Shadowed Trail) and continues the story of Josh Ryder. While Josh has been working cattle in Montana, he has begun to consider the need for a more solitary life on the Pacific coast in order to escape his past. However, events conspire to postpone that, leaving Josh with a set of responsibilities he never feels quite able to shun. Ending up in Virginia City, Josh finds one excuse after another for not moving on as he makes a host of friends, beautifully portrayed by Boeve. Among them are Sky, the Nez Perce woman grieving her murdered family; Jessie, the elderly washerwoman who takes in the unlikely pair; and the lovely Jolene, with whom Josh falls in love. But always, at the back of Josh’s mind, is the fact that the fruit never falls far from the tree and, with a no-good gunslinger as his sire, he should keep to his decision to remain unwed.

    Boeve is a natural storyteller, depicting the old west with consummate skill. You hate her villain and you love her love-interest as would any character in the book. And as events unfold, you’ll ride with Josh to be initially shocked but eventually delighted at the page-turning conclusion.

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