Rob Reider

Rob Reider, Ph.D, MBA, CPA is the President of Reider Associates, a management and organizational consulting firm located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that he founded in 1976. Rob is a nationally recognized author, speaker, seminar leader, and management consultant. Rob has also been a presenter at numerous professional conferences, seminar offerings, and in-house programs around the country. He has also published numerous articles in professional journals and is the developer of various online courses. He is the author of five other works of fiction and nine professional management books. Rob is also the President and Managing Director of a social issue theater company in which capacity he has been instrumental in producing, writing, and sometimes (under some duress) directing and acting in ten social issue theater pieces.

Rob lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his wife Barbara. Rob can be contacted by e-mail at:

Books by this Author

The Genius Club for Survivors Only: A Novel of Life and Survival in a Declining America by Rob Reider
American Scream: A Novel of Hope and Possibilities to Resurrect the American Dream by Rob Reider
Forgive You Father, For You Have Sinned: Changing One’s Prescribed Life, to an Authentic Life by Rob Reider