Eunice Boeve

Eunice Boeve, who was born and raised in Montana and Idaho, has spent nearly all of her adult life in Kansas. She writes for both adults and children usually in the genre of historical fiction. She and her husband raised four children and also have five grandchildren. In addition to her family, she loves books, the outdoors, and writing stories.

Books by this Author

A Home in America: A Volga German Story by Eunice Boeve
Along Shadowed Trails (Book 1) by Eunice Boeve
Along Winding Trails (Book 2) by Eunice Boeve











Echoes of Kansas Past: A Travel Through Time by Eunice Boeve and illustrated Julie Peterson-Shea
Maggie Rose and Sass by Eunice Boeve
Wishing You Home by Eunice Boeve and illustrated Julie Peterson-Shea
The Summer of the Crow by Eunice Boeve