Brenda Eck

Brenda Eck lives in rural Kansas. She enjoys reading, quilting, and traveling with her children, grandchildren, and friends. After retiring from teaching, she completed her first children’s book, Big Brutus, the Kansas Coal Shovel, the story of the restoration and preservation of a massive excavator near Pittsburg, Kansas.

Brenda also wrote, My Two Great Aunts, a story about personality differences. How personality differences can cause all sorts of conflicts for family members who share a home, but not for these two sisters. Aunt Mary Ann and Aunt Agnes discover life improves for both of them when they cherish their similarities and embrace their differences. In the process, they teach lessons about tolerance and appreciation of diversity.

Books by this Author

Big Brutus the Kansas Coal Shovel by Brenda Eck and illustrated by Jessie Pohl
My Two Great Aunts by Brenda Eck and illustrated by Gregory Lies