Ancient Universal Language of Man

Ancient Universal Language of Man

Deciphering Petroglyphs

by Chris Hegg

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Get ready to witness and unlock the first messages left from the ancient civilizations who vanished without even being known to exist until now! These messages detail maps and sagas of a once worldly empire who traded in goods of unimaginable quantities from all over the American continent too far off lands. Detailed is symbology to understand the vast network of hidden caves, of ancient goods storage and transport routes. Of treasure and artifacts of great importance left in hidden locations throughout time awaiting rediscovery so the world may once again know of this magnificent empire 13,000 years ago.

Our early explorers quickly discovered they were not the first to conquer the farthest shores of earth. Modern man gazed upon ancient images and monuments of long ago pioneers already decaying from great age. We have all contemplated what secrets they kept locked in a maze of limitless configurations of beauty and synchronicity. Such industrious and indelible creations were certainly made to convey meaning. What connection does a global network of rock carvings and mega structures mean to our history? Well the answer will surprise you!

Chris Hegg has dedicated his life to finding out these answers. At age 45, Chris has moved beyond the stumbling decades of logging and failures of comprehension, to gain ever increasingly small victories in their understanding. Now at a fever pitch in symbol decipherment Chris has uncovered the most startling facts of individual symbol meanings that reveal amazing stories of courage, inhospitable lands, and global travel unimaginable when he first started this quest. A much deeper innate secret lay rooted in the symbols how­ever; they were the first Universal Language of Man! Thought as just “rock art” by archeologists; petroglyphs, megaliths, and geoglyphs are all related comprising a single ancient language. This language is known in biblical stories and now confirmed by scientific methodology.

This book is dedicated to that first Universal Language. To be reborn so the secrets lost to us can be discovered once more. Finally a tool capable of peeling away the layers of our forgotten past to read firsthand accounts of the struggles of man on a global scale over 13,000 years ago! The stories are a tribute to our perseverance and domination in a harsh world conquered thousands of years before Columbus.


“Chris has done a good job of assembling in one location many of the recent maps and relevant research community publication commentaries on the Pleistocene lake levels in the western Great Basin and vicinity. Citing all sources, useful internet addresses are included. Where important to the discussion of the book, emphasis has been added for the purpose of highlighting where and when previous lake level high-stands have occurred. None of the material presented appears to be in conflict with current research. This material provides an excellent starting point to learn about the extent and inter basin connectivity provided by studies of the surface levels of water bodies in the last 30,000 years before present in western Nevada and southern California.”

– Jesse Wellman, cpg, Geologist

“Chris is by far one of the most interesting and knowledgeable men I have ever met.” [read full article below]

– Donald R. Dockrey, Captain, United States Marine Corps, Retired

“… a very comprehensive and informative book on the subject…”

“…this book very interesting…”

Bright, colorful photographs! Amazing description and understanding of the glyphs.

“Anyone that is a back roader, or interested in Petroglyphs, this should be on your must have list…”

“Loaded with reference pictures and clear explanations. The author is very knowledgeable about the subject and has a clear passion for it that comes through in his writing. This book is great for anyone interested in ancient language or just the casual outdoorsman…”

“This book lays out history as never before told. You will enjoy and be enlightened.”

Informative and Insightful, Great Read – This review is from: Ancient Universal Language of Man: Deciphering Petroglyphs (Paperback) This is a very comprehensive and informative book on the subject. Most everything I saw and read was all brand new information to me. While symbolism can seem very primitive and somewhat meaningless, understanding the deep encoded meaning in them can open up entirely new realms of thought. To me, this also helps to think about consciousness and how it differs in different areas, cultures, and time periods. And also that while some people may seem primitive in some areas, in other areas they are/were far more advanced spiritually and intuitively. Reading books like this also helps me to get into the minds of these early people, and to try and think of what their lives were like. The extra details the author adds to each section gives some good background on each photo, and he also provides personal insight into many other related mysteries along the way. Excellent book. – PH

Amazing description and understanding of the glyphs -Bright, colorful photographs! Amazing description and understanding of the glyphs. I’m learning new things every day about the area I have grown up in, and the information in this book is more than I could have even possibly imagined about the area that I love. Pictures are great too! I hope this won’t be the end …- DR

Inspiring – I have read the first few chapters and find this book very interesting! I believe Mr. Hegg is inspiring and has been blessed by God with the desire for learning and for teaching. I have always been interested in archeology and am fascinated by his discoveries. Pictures are great too! I hope this won’t be the end of his writing! – Amazon Customer

An amazing book.  – An amazing book. Loaded with reference pictures and clear explanations. The author is very knowledgeable about the subject and has a clear passion for it that comes through in his writing. This book is great for anyone interested in ancient language or just the casual outdoorsman. – BW III

I am so impressed with this book! Hegg has … I am so impressed with this book! Hegg has spent his entire life learning how to read the petroglyphs that he runs into. In doing this he has learned a lot about this unknown ancient world. In reading the book, I started to learn how to read them too! The pictures are very clear, informative, and enhance your learning to read petroglyphs. I believe everyone needs to read this book!! It will make you want to learn more! – Amazon Customer


“Chris Hegg has been one of my friends, and at times coworker, for many years. Chris is the type that always has to be learning new things, trying new things, solving problems or mysteries. There are no boundaries for Chris when he is trying to solve a question. No mental boundaries and no physical boundaries. He will read, take classes, call people, make trips, do experiments, build things, anything it takes to try and satisfy his curiosity. Personally I think his curiosity is insatiable.

I attribute this to his background. He grew up in a town that was nearly a ghost town, in one of the remotest parts of Nevada, Mineral County. His home was a bar, in the high desert, surrounded by mountains in the middle of gold and silver mines. In his formative years his companions were prospectors, geologists, desert dwellers, military veterans, Indians, travelers, and now and then criminals. He grew up listening to their stories. Stories of gold strikes, lost Spanish mines, stagecoach robberies, buried treasures, huge humans the Indians feared that no one talked about. That started his quest for knowledge.

From his earliest years he would wander the mountains with propectors, geologists, old desert rats, all on the eternal quest for gold or knowledge. His Grandfather would introduce him to Indians who lived a solitary existence, far from civilization, who would pass on stories learned from their ancestors.

Old timers who had lived their lives searching the mountains would take him to remote sites that were once homesteads, gold claims, Spanish mines. Geologists, always willing to teach a young one who listened, taught him about plate tectonics, rocks, chemicals, geological faults, how the mountains were formed, the ancient inland sea. Chris lived in what used to be Lake Lahontan. Sea creatures long extinct left their fossils to excite a young boys mind. Geologists and miners also taught him how to survey and read maps, a necessity for making claims and not getting lost.

In all of these travels Chris would see the Indian’s marks, petroglyphs. To him these marks had to have meaning and he started trying to unravel those meanings. After Chris graduated from High School he married his sweetheart and joined the Air Force which for a short while distracted him from his search for those meanings. His service in the Air Force opened up new worlds and new questions for his curiosity.

After his Air Force service and a short stint trying to work in Las Vegas he returned to the land and life he loved, the high desert mountains and their mysteries.

However a man has to make a living. Chris’ working life, which has not stopped, led him to increase his knowledge in a wealth of different areas. He was an ordnance worker on assembly lines disassembling and assembling explosive items where a mistake meant a quick death or a long career meant a lingering death from the contamination. There he learned that being an explosive worker was not a career he desired.

He was a laboratory worker, working with hazardous chemicals where one mistake could cause permanent damage to your health. He studies chemicals and their hazards to protect himself and his co-workers.

He moved on, learning as he went, mostly self-taught. Computers caught his interest and he took a job as a network manager for a school district. He took classes and was soon certified as a Microsoft network manager. He learned the ins and outs of school bureaucracy and soon had provided computers for all of the teachers, most of the students, and a network that actually worked and connected to the State network. There he also learned that school politics were just as vicious as all other politics and moved on.

He worked at a job testing Army and Marine Corps weapons, ammunition, and explosives. He became an expert video technician, a radar technician, a gunner (firing the weapons), and a demolition technician where he got to “blow up” things.

All of his time in these jobs included weekends in the desert and mountains finding petroglyphs, old Spanish sites, Indian camps and hunting blinds, old mines. His nights were spent on research and trying to determine what the petroglyphs were saying.

The start of his learning to read petroglyphs was when he started seeing the same petroglyphs near like physical features. He started tying petroglyphs to moon phases, solstices, historical events, and death. The more he learned the more he wanted to learn, the more he researched, the more he studied. He studied archaeology and the current theories on ancient human history. He studied the Spaniards travels and history with mining and the indigents. He studied the geological history of the area. He started forming his own theories of the area’s history.

His theory on history are not the current “official” theories. His theories are based on 30 plus years of wandering the area he loves, gathering his own evidence, seeing in his mind what transpired thousands and hundreds of years ago. Interpreting the “language” the ancients used to pass information on to each other when they had no shared language.

I’ve spent time in the mountains with Chris. He’s walked me into the dirt more than once. I’ve never regretted the pain because wandering the area with Chris is an enlightening experience. He sees and explains things that I would never have noticed on my own. He has opened my eyes to a world that I would have never seen on my own. He has opened up the beauty and history of the high desert to hundreds of people and continues to do so to this day. He is the local unofficial authority on the history of the area, the minerals, the rocks, the artifacts, the wonders.

He corresponds with people all over the nation, and in some foreign countries, on the meanings and commonality of petroglyphs. He is a survivalist and has learned how to live “off the grid.”

A little over fifty years ago I joined the United States Marine Corps. I spent over twenty years in the Marines before I retired and have worked with them ever since. In those 50 years I could not begin to remember how many people I have met and worked with. Chris is by far one of the most interesting and knowledgeable men I have ever met. When we worked together he was my right hand. He fixed my computers, solved my software problems. He performed my geographical surveying, my photography, my video. When I needed a map Chris would either teach me how to use the software to make the map or make it for me. I’ve seen his talent first hand.

As you read this book open your mind. Let your imagination free. Check his facts, visit some museums and see the artifacts that back his theories. He draws an ancient world much different than you have read about before. Enjoy.”

– Donald R. Dockrey, Captain, United States Marine Corps, Retired

Chris Hegg

Chris Hegg grew up in a town too tiny to list on maps but very rich in colorful people. Spending a childhood wandering the desert studying petroglyphs to pass time grew into a lifelong obsession to understand ancient man and nature.

Having a background in cryptology and geology mixed with stubborn determination proved instrumental in his capability to break the symbols of petroglyphs one by one. Obsessed with protecting these historic sites led to his volunteering as a Site Steward of public lands. Uncovering the Ancient Universal Language compelled Chris to take the secrets he discovered and share them with mankind once more.

Chris is a noted speaker and is a regular contributor for EXPRESSION–a quarterly e-journal of atelier in cooperation with UISPP-CISNEP. international scientific commission on the intellectual and spiritual expressions of non-literate peoples.

To schedule speaking engagements, send comments, or to contact Chris visit:

More about Chris… Married 24 years to childhood friend Dede Hogg Rarick, they have three beautiful children Tyler, Dawson, and Pepper. Chris continues to drag family and friends in tow, bribed or otherwise, passionately sharing the hidden beauty of the desert and expanding his own knowledge. In 2015, the Hegg family launched the Hogg Product line that includes Hogg Heaven BBQ Sauce made without high fructose corn syrup. For more information:




Universal Language Symbols


Body Dexterity

Core Starter Symbols

Hand Movement

Symbol Categories

Symbol Use Similarity Requirements

Story Setup

Rock Layout

Symbol Meanings

Rain into Ice



Understanding a Small Petroglyph Is Important

Curves Into Quadrupeds

Movements of Celestrial Bodies

Other Movements Represented

The Moon

Moon Count


The Polar Stars


3D Modern Styles of the Same Symbols

Seasonal Day Counters

Circumference Data

Cassiopeia Included as the Other Time Keeper

Rock Shadow Incorporation

Bracketing with Season Symbols

Combining Different Season Symbols Into One

Squares of Land

Gravesite Squares

Squares for Sun Tracking

Month Symbols

2D and 3D Representation of the Symbols

Megalithic Usage

Micro Decipherment Secrets

Tattooing Practice

Graveyard Symbols

Younger Petroglyphs


The Foot

Petroglyph Location

Trade Routes

Site Location

Lake Petroglyphs

Modern Thoughts

Hidden Caves





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Ancient Universal Language of Man

Ancient Universal Language of Man

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