Tools for Spiritual Healing

Tools for Spiritual Healing

A Non-Denominational, Tutorial Style Book for Beginners

by Anne Magdalene, LMSW


“As your soul awakens, and remembers its’ purpose, you will begin to heal all that ails you. Spiritual healing is the gateway to healing your mind, body, and spirit.

Tools for Spiritual Healing is a non-denominational, tutorial-style book for beginners offering guidance, and insight into the root causes of all illness, be it mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual, and a variety of self-help tools for the reader to use to reach optimal levels of spiritual healing. Tools for Spiritual Healing offers case examples for the reader to use as a guide to understanding the process of identifying areas in need of healing, and the tools for reaching optimal spiritual wellness, through meditation, visualization, Emotional Freedom Technique, prayer/intention, and energy work, to name a few.

Anne Magdalene is a licensed Social Worker, and psychic-medium who has successfully woven both disciplines into one, working with people from all over the world to begin their journey to spiritual wellness. Anne Magdalene has personally used the techniques described in Tools for Spiritual Healing and offers first-hand knowledge and insight into the effectiveness of these tools.


“This is a divinely inspired gift of a book for those who are ready to tap into the true essence of their spirituality and learn important techniques for living a fully healed, happy and soul-guided life.”

Dianne Bischoff James, author of The Real Brass Ring



Love the style of this author – Love the style of this author. Honest, straight-forward and real. A surprisingly easy read with such an abundance of insight, information and techniques. Grab a highlighter and a pen…thought-provoking…much to learn. – DK

Anne Magdalene

Anne Magdalene, LMSW, specializes in psychic and mediumship readings, spiritual advisement and counseling, channeling healing energy, assisting in unsolved missing persons cases, to name a few. She began working with enlightened beings in the form of angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and deceased souls for most of her life.

Anne began her career as a spiritual advisor, using her psychic abilities to access clients’ deeply buried wounds and obstacles that interfered with them reaching their highest level of spiritual evolution. Anne has successfully woven her skills and experience as a licensed social worker with her intuitive skills and abilities to assist others in their spiritual transformations and in reaching their own personal levels of enlightenment.


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Tools for Spiritual Healing

Tools for Spiritual Health

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