Rollie Pollie Review

Rollie Pollie Review

by Kim Holley, illustrations by Kristen Hawkins


Ever imagine what else rollie pollies could do with all those arms and legs besides roll all around in your hand? Well, get ready to boogie, because here comes the Rollie Pollie Review!

My grandson Kaehl loved to play outside whenever he came to our country home. His favorite thing to do was explore the barn, woodpiles, or anywhere rollie pollies could be found. He would collect a bowl full of them and we would imagine them as cowboys, pirates, and other action adventurers by giving them names and play acting with them in all sorts of wild story lines. It was after one particular day of fun with rollie pollies, crickets, butterflies, ants, and just about every creepy crawly insect you can find in the county, that the idea of a rock and roll band made up of rollie pollies came to life, and the result was the Rollie Pollie Review!



Absolutely Adorable!!! By the time I got to the end of the book, I caught myself grinning and imagining all those things happening in my own yard. Such a creative and fun way to incorporate nature into learning! -D.G.

This is truly a fun happy time book for all ages. The way it rhymes all the way thru makes it a very easy visual read, you could close your eyes and see it all unfold in your mind. Those who bring such visual happy stories that rhyme in this way is very unique indeed. You and your family will enjoy it every time you read it, and trust me you will read it over and over! -L.O.

Our family absolutely loves this book. So well written – the rhyming makes it flow so well and so easy for the kids to memorize, too. Beautiful illustrations that our children love! All around wonderfully captivating book for every little reader out there! And, would make a great gift for any occasion! Buy it – you won’t regret it! -D.

A favorite in our house! The 3 kids in our house all agree, this is their favorite book ever! It’s a must buy book for sure! -K.

This book is great! I don’t get sick of reading it to my kids and they love seeing all the different bugs and calling them by name! I highly recommend this book to anyone with kids! -L.

This book is awesome! My 2 year old is obsessed with it and loves looking at the illustrations! It’s well worth the money, and so entertaining! HUGE thumbs up! -S.J.

Five Stars – Adorable book! Looking forward to the next Holley book. – Anonymous

Great Christmas Gift! – This is a sweet little story by a gifted writer. Every child who has read it in my library has loved it! I can’t wait until her next one comes out! – Anonymous

Woo Hoo, Rollie Pollie Review! – Love the book, the rhymes & the illustrations are just adorable! Would make a great gift for a child or someone with young children. Purchased this for a toddler & she just loves it! – T

LOVED IT!!! – As a first grade teacher I read this book to my students and they loved it! It’s such a fun and lighthearted read! – M

Fantastic!!!! – This book brings insects to life in a new and adventurous way. Can’t wait to see what other books Kim Holley will create!!! – M

A favorite in our house! – The 3 kids in our house all agree, this is their favorite book ever! It’s a must buy book for sure! – K

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Kim Holley was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and currently lives in rural southeast Kansas. She has been writing personalized poetry for her family and friends for over 30 years. She began writing children’s short stories based on her grandchildren’s adventures as well as stories she’s developed on her own. You may contact the author directly at:

Kim Hollie

Kristen Hawkins was born and raised in Southwest Missouri and now lives in a small town community. She has had her artwork displayed in numerous venues; currently displayed at the Koka Gallery in Carthage, Missouri. Kristen began illustrating children’s books several years ago and finds great joy in making the words of talented authors come to life for children! Email address:

ISBN: 978-1-939054-22-7

Softcover: Saddle stitch

Trim Size: 8.0″ x 10.0″

Pages: 16

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