Pendulum of the Sun

Pendulum of the Sun

by Alexandra Ames

After colonizing the planet Iska for two decades, humanity struggles to survive. The planet has severe seasons, malicious beasts and natives with strange powers. As the humans’ expanded, the natives retreated into the wilderness. The humans separated into two factions, the free people of the Settlement, who lived in the elements of the hostile planet and the people of the Domes. The people of the Domes are prisoners, under a totalitarian ruler, bent on destroying the Settlement.

Astronomy gets pulled into this world after going on a rescue mission with a brilliant young mechanic, a mercenary, a mysterious woman and an exiled beast. They are aided by a being from the natives’ lore, a being which was said to have been around during the near destruction of Iska. His interference makes them question the severity of the situation and fear that their world could be headed down the path of its final destruction.


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Alexandra Ames-150Alexandra Ames was born and raised in the Kansas City area. She has been drawing and illustrating since she could pick up a pencil and coming up with stories before she could write. Mythologies, artwork, and music from different cultures help inspire her stories along with her passion for history and the natural world.


  • 978-1-939054-77-7 (hardcover, case gloss laminate)
  • 978-1-939054-73-9 (softcover, perfect binding)

Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

Pages: 304


  • Fiction : Fantasy – General
  • Fiction : Science Fiction – General
  • Fiction : Science Fiction – Adventure

Pendulum of the Sun

Pendulum of the Sun

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