The Genius Club for Survivors Only

The Genius Club for Survivors Only

A Novel of Life and Survival in a Declining America

by Rob Reider

The setting is the Eldorado Estates Country Club resort in a ‘tony’ area of Southern Florida. The resort was once ‘the place,’ a restricted conclave of the very wealthy. But as the area developed and other plusher resorts opened, Eldorado became a second class destination—unrestricted and open to anyone.

Doug Carpenter, a retired corporate executive with the looks of a garden gnome wanders aimlessly around the resort assuming the role of a womanizer. His afternoon ritual is to have his happy hour at 3PM in the resort’s bar the Sun and Fun Room trying with no luck to pick-up women. Then one day his performance piece attracts Velma Robinson a voluptuous lady of 70. They somehow hit it off (miracles can happen) and to relieve their boredom they form what they call The Genius Club as a guise to tackle society’s problems.

As others join them, The Genius Club takes shape as a reservoir of other’s stories and hope for change in a society gone mad. Even if nothing is accomplished it becomes a form of group therapy where some lost, disgruntled souls can become involved and stimulated. The book depicts a possible route for people to get involved and take some action for what they perceive as a loss of humane values. Join the journey with The Genius Club where change is not focused on the acquisition of wealth and material possessions but on enhancing people and humanity. It doesn’t take a genius—at any age.


“The socio-economic issues The Genius Club raises are both real and huge. Freedom is anathema to fundamentalism, whether social, legal, political, environmental, economic or religious. One remarkable thing about The Genius Club is that it attracts such a wide range of viewpoints. The tribe that assembles in this novel represents a rainbow of political perspectives…maybe minus the more glaringly fundamentalist ones. It’s also a multi-ethnic group with deep roots in the families of early-20th-Century immigrants.” —Bill Protzmann

Rob ReiderRob Reider, Ph.D, MBA, CPA is the President of Reider Associates, a management and organizational consulting firm located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that he founded in 1976. Rob is a nationally recognized author, speaker, seminar leader, and management consultant. Rob has also been a presenter at numerous professional conferences, seminar offerings, and in-house programs around the country. He has also published numerous articles in professional journals and is the developer of various online courses. He is the author of five other works of fiction and nine professional management books. Rob is also the President and Managing Director of a social issue theater company in which capacity he has been instrumental in producing, writing, and sometimes (under some duress) directing and acting in ten social issue theater pieces.

Rob lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his wife Barbara. Rob can be contacted by e-mail at:

ISBN: 978-1-939054-69-2

Softcover: Perfect bind

Trim Size: 6.0″ x 9.0″

Pages: 326


  • Fiction: Political
  • Political Science: Civics & Citizenship
  • Philosophy: Political


The Genius Club

 The Genius Club

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Softcover, 326 Pages

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