Owen Fox

I am an infinite being incarnated here to experience great contrast at this extreme time period on Earth, and a deeply contrasted life, of both so much pain and sorrow as a child and all the way up into my mid twenties, then a sudden awakening out of all that sorrow and pain. I awoke to the feeling that I am not my body, mind or thoughts, nor emotions, and witnessed this life in a different manner. A more free and liberated manner. I further grew into understanding the power of our thoughts, and understanding energy more. My two main chakras that have been most active for a long time have been my heart chakra, that bore deep compassion and love for people, and my throat chakra, whereby I have been an enabled communicator, and have had a developed ability to express myself well, tactfully, and freely.

My teachings and goals are to help others to let go of the past pain and any restrictions or limitations upon themselves that they may be carrying, and to open up to new, untold wonders and joy, and empowerment in life. To consciously create and co-create not only the life of their dreams for themselves, but to co-create and manifest a wonderful, clean, healthy and prosperous world for all of us to live in, and share together, in peace, freedom, love, kindness, tenderness, and joy. And so much more.

My wish and intention is that this book, and all my books, or videos, help you to expand into this wonderful being that wields the creative power of the Universe that you already house within yourself, and simply put, for you to lead a wonderful life. And to know that we are intimately and deeply connected, as part of this beautiful globe, and cosmos, as are we all. I am honored and deeply gladdened, and moved, to be any positive part of your life. I hope that some day I may meet you, and vice versa, and we share a tale of lightness together, of hope, truth, wonder and glory, and of appreciation and all good things. The power is in your hands. Never be disheartened. You, and we all, are being taken care of. You are exactly where you are meant to be, and you are expanding. Much PEACE, love & joy be with you, always

Books by this Author

Golden Messages of Abundant Joy and Celebration by Owen Fox