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In this intimate memoir, first-prize fitness competitor and personal trainer Valeria Teles invites you to reflect on the idea that joy is an ever-present choice. Fit for Joy: The Healing Power of Being You will inspire you to establish a harmonious mind-body connection that is based on self-knowledge and self-love. Look Inside

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Fit for Joy: The Healing Power of Being You

Training Body and Mind through COURAGE and FORGIVENESS

“The more fit I became; the more unhappy I was…why?”

In this intimate memoir, first-prize fitness competitor and personal trainer Valeria Teles invites you to reflect on the idea that joy is an ever-present choice.

From a young age, Valeria yearned for a life that would bring her joy. She hoped to find it in relationships and a successful career, but neither brought a genuine smile to her face. She then discovered fitness, which became her escape—keeping her even further from the truth, until she could no longer live without joy.

During a meditative period away from the fitness world, Valeria learned that exercise and enjoyment belong together, and that forgiveness is essential for personal healing.

Now a student of Buddha’s teachings, she shares her vision for conventional fitness that is integrated with emotional and spiritual well-being.

Fit for Joy will inspire you to establish a harmonious mind-body connection that is based on self-knowledge and self-love. Insightful and tender, this book will show you how freedom, joy, and peace come from courage, and that courage can be found by being true to yourself.

Praise for Fit for Joy

“This book reminds us we are more than our bodies, we are souls having experiences in our body, in search of our true JOY.” ~ Tamilee Webb – Author, Buns of Steel and Abs of Steel Instructor

“An acceptance of spiritual reflection is one prerequisite for appreciating this story’s approach. Those who hold such openness will discover a treasure within.” ~ Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“An inspiring look that aims to set the foundations of healthy living through a mindset of healing the inner-world.” ~ April Pfender – Author, Reiki Master practitioner and Spiritual Arts teacher

“When I finished reading the book, I felt a peace that I could control how I let things affect me.” ~ Sally Shupe, Author

“A raw and emotional story that is told from the heart of Teles.” ~ Patti Loveday, Author, Blogger

“What an incredible, true and deeply moving message! I admire your honesty and courage to bring this to the world.” ~ Albena Kervanbashieva, New York Ballet Instructor

About the Author

Valeria Teles is an inspirational writer, an author, first-prize fitness competitor, coach and the creator of the Fit for Joy philosophy. Born in Brazil, she began her professional career in the arts, both music and dance, before finding her way to fitness, writing and coaching. Visit the author’s website:

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eBook, Hardcover, Softcover

5 reviews for Fit for Joy

  1. AnthonyB

    very inspirational – So far the book is very inspirational and amazing. I can learn a lot to help with my weight loss journey.

  2. Stephanie

    This roadmap will impact and inspire long after you finish the book. Once in a while, the stars in the universe align and special people are put in your path. Anyone who is blessed to know Valeria personally knows she approaches EVERYTHING with a kind, embracing, factual, frank and empowering approach second to none. However, if you have not been lucky enough to know her personally this book provides her insights and approach to health. She’ll take you down the road of her heartbreaking upbringing, the road to resiliency, and overcoming many common difficulties we all face. Valeria faced MANY adversities and has come out stronger both physically and mentally. Through this book, her story and roadmap will impact and inspire long after you turn the last page.

  3. Terris Muhammad

    Joy Is Trusting In The Heart – Valeria Teles tells a riveting story of her personal life from a troubled child to a joyful woman living life on her terms following the guidance within her heart. In her story is a way to find true happiness and joy in life that is within everyone’s heart. She shows how to follow the heart through life’s bad times and good times to the destiny that all seek in our many journeys.

  4. April Jaffe

    Very engaging and powerful to read such a personal and empowering story! I really enjoyed how this book. It was more of a biography than about fitness. I felt totally connected to the heroine. Valeria brings up some very important points about how hiding behind any excessive behavior even exercise is damaging. She is a true inspiration and you must read this book!

  5. Anonymous

    A GREAT INSPIRING BOOK, HEALING THRU COURAGE & FORGIVENESS. This book is one of the most inspiring stories. If you would like to see how we can overcome any adversities in this life then you should buy this book. A great teacher, inspiring human being. I suggest you read the book & hold on as you turn each page. GREAT STORY, AMAZING COURAGE!!! LOVE IT!!!!

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