Young Author Series

The Young Author Series (YAS) imprint of Rowe Publishing features ambitious and talented authors under the age of 18. Rowe Publishing is proud to offer these wonderful works and hope that you enjoy them, too!

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The God Tournament • The Ragnarok Chronicles • by Dylan McManis | Calder Green never liked destiny; if anything he wants to get as far away as possible from it. No matter what he does destiny keeps coming closer, and when his peaceful life as a Soulist comes to an end he decides to give his all into saving humanity, and everything, from oblivion. … more

Bunny Tales cover front thumbnailBunny Tales • by Zechariah Rowe | What do bunnies do when the farmer is not around? Find out what Junior Bunny is up to when the farmer is not looking. Packed full of adventure! Written and illustrated by Zechariah Rowe when he was 9 years old. Bunny Tales was inspired by his own bunnies that he raised on his family farm in Kansas. … more