True Accounts

101 Tails of a House Call Veterinarian101 ‘Tails’ of a House Call Veterinarian • If you have ever wondered how veterinarians interact with your pets, follow the travels of a house call practitioner as she visits them in their own environment. In 101 ‘Tails’ of a House Call Veterinarian, see how Dr. K. puts them at ease, so that a cat visits the food dish shortly after being examined, and a dog simply wants more attention. But along the way, Dr. K. finds herself in many funny, precarious, and sad situations.  more


Dying Is a Hard Thing to DoDying Is a Hard Thing to Do • by Sean Ferguson | This book is a personal account of a loved one’s death due to cancer and her struggle with the American medical system. We rely on our professional medical caregivers to provide truthful information and advice to help match personal choices with medical alternatives and realities, especially when we must make difficult end of life decisions. … more


DiehardsDiehards: Why Fans Care So Much About Sports by Chip Scarinzi | Diehard sports fans are arguably the beating heart of the sports industry. In good times and in bad, they file into stadiums and arenas of all shapes and sizes ready to expend financial and emotional currency on a hobby that goes horribly wrong half of the time…  more


Cover FrontEven the Dead Won’t Tell You the Truth by Chip Reichenthal • Fiction Based Upon True Events • Richie LeClaire talks to the dead as a Spirit Medium. He finds himself challenged when his best friend is charged with murder. The victim is known to them both, a former flame of the friend’s. With evidence mounting, the accused asks for Richie’s help …  more


cover-front-compton-150aBorn and Raised in the Streets of Compton by Kevin “Salt Rocc” Lewis — A story of ghetto youth growing up in the city of Compton, California, a place where the navigation of daily life is literally, a tightrope between life and death. A true story based upon many events among the urban black youth growing up amidst poverty in the notorious city of Compton, California. This story follows the path of a second generation Crip member, who weaves his journey into the context of the United States sociological history and governmental action that propagated the birth and escalation of gangs and gang violence, now careening out of control …  more


Front Cover of In God We TrustedIn God We Trusted: Pioneer Stories from kansas by Roy Bird | Popular stories of Kansas history in large print for easier reading describes this collection. Roy Bird has been capturing the essence of Kansas through the lives of its residents for over thirty years and continues to educate and entertain with the 25 stories, tales, and episodes featured in this book from his home state’s past…  more


Four Seeds front cover 150Four Seeds • Inspiration, Renewal, Beauty, Love • by Jennifer Wilson Cooper | My talismans: my husband, my son, my will to survive, the beauty in every fold of the fabric of my life. I’m putting them on display in little snapshots of my life on this blog, to distance myself from the dragon, and to share something with you that I wish I’d seen long ago …  more


cover-front-willnotfear-150I Will Not Fear • A Chosen Life • by J.A. McPhail | She arrived late-over three weeks past her due date-and she departed decades too early for her family and friends. But during the 36 years of her life on earth, Stacie Jeanne McPhail brought love and joy to everyone who knew her. As a young child, she made the decision to live a life of complete faith in the God Who loved her. Stacie spent time in the Word of God and prayer daily, and relied on the Holy Spirit to guide her in making life decisions. Through the joys and challenges of growing up …  more


BreadBread! Bread! Bread! • by Gloria Creed-Dikeogu | Bread! Bread! Bread! is a simple, yet colorful children’s story set in Cape Town, South Africa, during World War II. Mama sends Tietie, the eldest of seven children, to the Indian store to fetch bread. On her way to the store, Tietie finds that the bread truck has met with an accident… more


My Two Great Great AuntsMy Two Great Great Aunts • Personality differences can cause all sorts of conflicts for family members who share a home, but not for these two sisters. Aunt Mary Ann and Aunt Agnes discover life improves for both of them when they cherish their similarities and embrace their differences….  more


Timber Rattlesnakes Live in TreesTimber Rattlesnakes Live in Trees • A collection of sixty brief stories published in The Prairie Press, a rural Paris, Illinois, newspaper. Depending on the depth of one’s sense of humor, these delightful narrations emit a combination of laughter, chuckles, grins, and smiles. The characters emerge from various professions in different settings, chiefly from the author’s home region, but also from scattered other states, and as far distant as Australia. They’re brought to life in schools, churches, sports events, workplaces, cars, ships, airplanes, homes, and on the farm …  more


Ancient Universal Language of ManAncient Universal Language of Man: Deciphering Petroglyphs • by Chris Hegg | Get ready to witness and unlock the first messages left from the ancient civilizations who vanished without even being known to exist until now! These messages detail maps and sagas of a once worldly empire who traded in goods of unimaginable quantities from all over the American continent too far off lands. …. more


Seven to OneSeven to One: My Life Measured in Dog Yeard (A Joyful Memoir) • by Jerilynn Jones Henrikson | Tradition has it that one year of a dog’s life is equal to seven years of human life. The lifespan of the average dog is about twelve years. It follows that in eighty-four years a person could sequentially share life with seven dogs. My goal here is to “tell my life” in dog years, to measure phases of my existence by the lives of the dogs that have shared it… more


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Chasing Shadows • A Criminal Investigator’s Look into the Paranormal • by Mark Allan Keyes | After working for years as a criminal investigator, Detective Mark Keyes turns his investigative skills towards the paranormal to help uncover the cause of a strange experience he had as a young boy. Detective Keyes is ultimately searching to uncover the truth and answer the question that he and so many others have asked—Are ghosts real?  … more


cover-front-toft-150Australian Shepherds of the Mountain West • Preserving the History of this Unique Line of Aussie Herding Dogs! • by Kris Toft | The Mountain West equation was one of the most successful in the history of the Australian Shepherd breed. The combination of Jay Sisler, Fletcher Wood, and other dogs of that general type created the highest levels of intelligence, working ability, protectiveness, and versatility …  more


cover-front-relative-evil-150Relative Evil • Based On a True Story • by Milena Armstrong | “Piercing black eyes surrounded by a pool of pink, meandering strands of crimson glaring at me with so much hate. I didn’t understand how anyone could feel that way for another person.” Relative Evil is based on the true events that occurred in the life of the author … more


cover-front-teddy-150Teddy, the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks • by Jerilynn Henrikson | Teddy, the William Allen White family’s fox terrier died in 1923. In this mix of history and imagination, the author uses Teddy’s ghost to tell his version of the family history. Family members, neighbors, and state historical society employees have experienced Teddy’s “presence” at Red Rocks to this day …  more


front-cover-spiders-150Spiders from Heaven • A Poetic Journey into Middle-Aged Motherhood • by Ann L. Carter | “Here I am starting this journal about possibly adopting and I can’t even put ‘Adoption’ as the file name. What am I afraid of? That someone might look in my computer and think I want a child to love?” So begins the author’s personal story of adoption and motherhood …  more