Body, Mind, and Spirit

Dying Is a Hard Thing to DoDying Is a Hard Thing to Do • by Sean Ferguson | This book is a personal account of a loved one’s death due to cancer and her struggle with the American medical system. We rely on our professional medical caregivers to provide truthful information and advice to help match personal choices with medical alternatives and realities, especially when we must make difficult end of life decisions. … more


Ancient Universal Language of ManAncient Universal Language of Man: Deciphering Petroglyphs • by Chris Hegg | Get ready to witness and unlock the first messages left from the ancient civilizations who vanished without even being known to exist until now! These messages detail maps and sagas of a once worldly empire who traded in goods of unimaginable quantities from all over the American continent too far off lands. …. more


Golden Messages of Abundant Joy and CelebrationGolden Messages of Abundant Joy and Celebration • by Owen Fox | A book that primarily specializes in healing from past pain, issues, hurts and baggage by letting go to find peace, ease, joy, lightness and LIFE in the magical present moment! Seeing life more through the eyes of a pure innocent child, yet with the awareness and wisdom of a sage master! Healing and opening your heart and relationships to untold joys and deep, wonderful, light, FUN and empowered levels with healthy boundaries and non dependency or any of the old egoic patterns that were prevalent…more


afterwords cover front thumbnailafterwords • 75 Everyday People Answer 15 Common Questions About the Afterlife • by Dave Morgan | The most important conversation on Earth starts with a question. What happens when we die? But it’s a conversation many people never have and there’s a simple reason. Instead of death, we should be talking about life, the afterlife. … more

Will Not Fear cover front thumbnailI Will Not Fear • A Chosen Life • by J.A. McPhail | She arrived late-over three weeks past her due date-and she departed decades too early for her family and friends. But during the 36 years of her life on earth, Stacie Jeanne McPhail brought love and joy to everyone who knew her. As a young child, she made the decision to live a life of complete faith in the God Who loved her. Stacie spent time in the Word of God and prayer daily, and relied on the Holy Spirit to guide her in making life decisions. Through the joys and challenges of growing up …  more

cover-front-loveyou-100I Love You … Anyway • by Mary Duncan, illustrated by Kathleen Kirch | As a young mother faces the challenge of finding help for her son, she learns that there is a support system out there to assist. With each milestone her son faces, she is there to encourage and support … more

Tools for Spiritual HealingTools for Spiritual Healing • by Anne Magdalene, LMSW | As your soul awakens, and remembers its’ purpose, you will begin to heal all that ails you. Spiritual healing is the gateway to healing your mind, body, and spirit. Tools for Spiritual Healing is a non-denominational, tutorial-style book for beginners offering guidance, and insight into the root causes of all illness, be it mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual, and a variety of self-help tools for the reader to use to reach optimal levels of spiritual healing… more


The Evolution of the Spirit of MankindThe Evolution of the Spirit of Mankind: The Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers • through the Medium: Julie MacDonald and Foreword by Malidoma P. Some | “There are many changes coming, and you must be prepared. There is nothing that you need to fear. There is nothing you have ever had; there is nothing you will ever lose.” So said the Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers, a collective of four different personalities from the spirit world who communicated this book through Julie MacDonald and dictated to Yves Nazon… more


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Chasing Shadows • A Criminal Investigator’s Look into the Paranormal • by Mark Allan Keyes | After working for years as a criminal investigator, Detective Mark Keyes turns his investigative skills towards the paranormal to help uncover the cause of a strange experience he had as a young boy. Detective Keyes is ultimately searching to uncover the truth and answer the question that he and so many others have asked—Are ghosts real?  … more

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Even the Dead Won’t Tell You the Truth • by Chip Reichenthal | Richie LeClaire talks to the dead as a Spirit Medium. He finds himself challenged when his best friend is charged with murder. The victim is known to them both, a former flame of the friend’s. With evidence mounting, the accused asks for Richie’s help … more