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Decoding CollegeDecoding College • A slice-of-life, college exposure guide aimed at first-generation college students and their families. Decoding College provides a comprehensive guide to the basics of the college admissions, selection and enrollment processes while specifically focusing on issues unique to students of color, low-income students, and underrepresented students. Unlike the multitude of college guides available on the market today, Decoding College utilizes students’ first-person accounts of their journey…  more


cover-front-compton-150aBorn and Raised in the Streets of Compton by Kevin “Salt Rocc” Lewis — A story of ghetto youth growing up in the city of Compton, California, a place where the navigation of daily life is literally, a tightrope between life and death. A true story based upon many events among the urban black youth growing up amidst poverty in the notorious city of Compton, California. This story follows the path of a second generation Crip member, who weaves his journey into the context of the United States sociological history and governmental action that propagated the birth and escalation of gangs and gang violence, now careening out of control …  more


Front Cover of In God We TrustedIn God We Trusted: Pioneer Stories from kansas by Roy Bird | Popular stories of Kansas history in large print for easier reading describes this collection. Roy Bird has been capturing the essence of Kansas through the lives of its residents for over thirty years and continues to educate and entertain with the 25 stories, tales, and episodes featured in this book from his home state’s past…  more


BreadBread! Bread! Bread! • by Gloria Creed-Dikeogu | Bread! Bread! Bread! is a simple, yet colorful children’s story set in Cape Town, South Africa, during World War II. Mama sends Tietie, the eldest of seven children, to the Indian store to fetch bread. On her way to the store, Tietie finds that the bread truck has met with an accident… more


The Genius ClubThe Genius Club for Survivors Only • The setting is the Eldorado Estates Country Club resort in a ‘tony’ area of Southern Florida. The resort was once ‘the place,’ a restricted conclave of the very wealthy. But as the area developed and other plusher resorts opened, Eldorado became a second class destination—unrestricted and open to anyone…  more


I Get to Be MeI Get to Be Me • by Grant Kollman | A young boy, who doesn’t want to go to school because of all the adversity he faces from bullies and others, would rather stay at home where through his imagination he can have amazing adventures and avoid being the person he really is. By discovering that being himself is an adventure, he realizes the many wonderful events and friends he’ll miss if he doesn’t go out and be himself!… more


Wishing You HomeWishing You Home • by Eunice Boeve | How do you make a banana split? The answer? Step on it. That is one of the jokes ten-year-old Bobby Benson and his dad, fighting in Germany in this last year of WWII, send in their letters. Wishing You Home begins with the news that Bobby’s best friend’s dad has been killed in the war. Bobby’s fear for his own dad’s safety increases…more


cover-front-dawn-150Dawn of Day • by J.A. McPhail and illustrated by Gwen Battis | Henrietta never liked history. But on a late summer day in 1932, she and her sometimes annoying little sister Irma Jean, hear an exciting true story from their artist friend, Maude Mitchell—a story that takes them back in time 75 years. … more