Maggie Mae’s Hare-Brained Day

Maggie Mae’s Hare-Brained Day

by Deb Jackson ~ illustrations by Traci Osborn


You wouldn’t believe how hard a jack rabbit can kick! Maggie Mae finds out the hard way. She chases that trespassing hare into his rabbit hole and gets thumped on the head, just for doing her job! Now with a sore nose and throbbing brain, she heads home through the pasture to her sister, Holly, for help. When they put their heads together they come up with a surprising lesson!

Two wrongs, don’t make a right!

This book is a part of a children’s book series featuring two Australian Shepherds! Maggie Mae (an Aussie with a tail) and her sister, Holly (an Aussie without a tail). Together, they learn valuable lessons that are presented through fun lively illustrated books. Watch for more titles coming 2015 and 2016!


“What a fun way to teach kids about animals, life lessons, words with two spellings and meanings. And all while enjoying a fun loving dog, her sister and an ornery jack rabbit.” -H.D.


Deb Erickson Jackson has been a nurse and oral story teller, having the gift of gab, like her mom. Her stories are inspired with the help of her granddaughters, Jocelyn and Jaidon Turney. Maggie Mae’s Hare-Brained Day is Deb’s second published book. Pictured with Deb, are Holly and Maggie Mae, stars in the RedshoesDeb Series. Deb’s stories feature Australian Shepherds and their ranch friends who share their exciting lives and the lessons they learn. Animals are used in an allegorical fashion to teach kids how to enjoy a value filled life.


Look for more great Aussie adventures coming in 2016!

  • The Life and Times of Sheila the Cow Dog
  • Magpie Meets the Pheasant
  • Holly the Bossy Aussie
  • Holly the Hugger
  • Maggie Bit Off More than She Could Chew

Did you know that their ranch friends are stars too? Visit the for other stories.

Coming soon.


978-1-939054-44-9 (softcover, perfect binding)

978-1-939054-46-3 (hardcover, gloss laminate)

Trim Size: 8.0″ x 10.0″

Pages: 36

Interior: Color

Maggie Mae's Hare-Brained Day

Maggie Mae's Hare-Brained Day

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