Jerilynn Henrikson

Jerilynn Henrikson


Jerilynn Henrikson is a retired English teacher, current grandma, and a native of Emporia, Kansas, which hugs the rolling Flint Hills of east central Kansas. She loves traveling with hubby, Duane, tending her garden, cuddling her corgi, cooking for grand kids, and writing stories. After retiring from teaching, her passion for reading, writing, and telling stories resulted in spending more time writing tales based on observations of kids, animals, family, … life in general. Her writing is flavored by a love of nature and her sense of fun. She is inspired by what lies beyond the present, into the past and future. Visit the author’s website, Tales from the Prairie Patch Works!


Books by author Jerilynn Henrikson


cover-front-teddy-150 Teddy, the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks | Teddy, the William Allen White family’s fox terrier died in 1923. In this mix of history and imagination, the author uses Teddy’s ghost to tell his version of the family history. Family members, neighbors, and state historical society employees have experienced Teddy’s “presence” at Red Rocks to this day …  more

Seven to OneSeven to One: My Life Measured in Dog Yeard (A Joyful Memoir) | Tradition has it that one year of a dog’s life is equal to seven years of human life. The lifespan of the average dog is about twelve years. It follows that in eighty-four years a person could sequentially share life with seven dogs. My goal here is to “tell my life” in dog years, to measure phases of my existence by the lives of the dogs that have shared it… more

Joe Series 3 Books - 800

No Weeds, No Bugs, No Bunnies • by Jerilynn Henrikson | Jerilynn Henrikson and Patty Kahn have teamed up to create a series of early readers featuring Joe and his adventures with gardening. Any gardener knows that planting a garden takes determination. It seems problems always come up like weeds… or bugs… or bunnies… more

Seeds, Leaves, Fruits, and Roots • by Jerilynn Henrikson | Join Joe in Book 2 of a three volume series about his continuing adventures with gardening. Thanks to his pup, Moe, he finds his lost new hoe, and the veggie growing begins! Joe is growing too, and so will young readers as they expand vocabularies and ideas. Joe loves to share what he grows with his family and their lively, diverse community. Jerilynn Henrikson’s clever use of language and Patty Kahn’s colorful illustrations provide sparks to fire young imaginations… more

Joe and Pam Make Jam • Joe is growing up, and so are his readers. In Book 3 of the Joe the Gardener series, big brother Joe enlists the help of his lively little sister, Pam, in planting strawberries to make some jam. Joe is the “expert” but Pam keeps him on his toes with her questions…  more