Timber Rattlesnakes Live in TreesTimber Rattlesnakes Live in Trees • A collection of sixty brief stories published in The Prairie Press, a rural Paris, Illinois, newspaper. Depending on the depth of one’s sense of humor, these delightful narrations emit a combination of laughter, chuckles, grins, and smiles. The characters emerge from various professions in different settings, chiefly from the author’s home region, but also from scattered other states, and as far distant as Australia. They’re brought to life in schools, churches, sports events, workplaces, cars, ships, airplanes, homes, and on the farm …  more


Seven to OneSeven to One: My Life Measured in Dog Yeard (A Joyful Memoir) • by Jerilynn Jones Henrikson | Tradition has it that one year of a dog’s life is equal to seven years of human life. The lifespan of the average dog is about twelve years. It follows that in eighty-four years a person could sequentially share life with seven dogs. My goal here is to “tell my life” in dog years, to measure phases of my existence by the lives of the dogs that have shared it… more


101 Tails of a House Call Veterinarian101 ‘Tails’ of a House Call Veterinarian • If you have ever wondered how veterinarians interact with your pets, follow the travels of a house call practitioner as she visits them in their own environment. In 101 ‘Tails’ of a House Call Veterinarian, see how Dr. K. puts them at ease, so that a cat visits the food dish shortly after being examined, and a dog simply wants more attention. But along the way, Dr. K. finds herself in many funny, precarious, and sad situations.  more