A Home in AmericaA Home in America: A Volga German Story • The Mueller family, descendants of the Germans who settled the Volga River area in Russia in the mid-1700s, turn to America to escape Russia’s enforced military service. Told through the eyes of twelve year old Eva, the story chronicles the hardships of their travels by land and sea to America and their resettlement on the Kansas plains…  more


Ancient Universal Language of ManAncient Universal Language of Man: Deciphering Petroglyphs • by Chris Hegg | Get ready to witness and unlock the first messages left from the ancient civilizations who vanished without even being known to exist until now! These messages detail maps and sagas of a once worldly empire who traded in goods of unimaginable quantities from all over the American continent too far off lands. …. more


The Wichita IndiansThe Wichita Indians: People of the Grass House • by Susan A. Holland and photography by Mike Rooney | The Wichita Indians shared the Great Plains, in the central United States, with a variety of animals, including millions of bison, elk, and birds. The Wichita built their homes of poles and prairie grass, which grew up to 12 feet tall. These unique, beehive-shaped grass houses were exclusive to the Wichita, housed extended families, and could last up to 14 years. Tools, fashioned from chert and bison bones, were used to construct homes and cultivate garden plots… more


Front Cover of In God We TrustedIn God We Trusted: Pioneer Stories from kansas by Roy Bird | Popular stories of Kansas history in large print for easier reading describes this collection. Roy Bird has been capturing the essence of Kansas through the lives of its residents for over thirty years and continues to educate and entertain with the 25 stories, tales, and episodes featured in this book from his home state’s past…  more


Australian Shepherds of the Mountain WestAustralian Shepherds of the Mountain West • Preserving the History of this Unique Line of Aussie Herding Dogs! • by Kris Toft | The Mountain West equation was one of the most successful in the history of the Australian Shepherd breed. The combination of Jay Sisler, Fletcher Wood, and other dogs of that general type created the highest levels of intelligence, working ability, protectiveness, and versatility …  more


Symbolism cover front thumbnailSymbolism of Petroglyphs and Pictographs • near Mountainair, New Mexico, the Gateway to Ancient Cities • by Susan A. Holland | With no written alphabet, records of the Southwest Native Americans were kept in the form of either petroglyphs or pictographs on rock surfaces. By examining their symbolism, we are able to gain significant insight of their existence, a deeper understanding of their spiritual and ceremonial beliefs, and a glimpse into their daily lives. …  more


The Galvanized YankeeThe Galvanized Yankee • by Roy Bird | To escape the dreadful conditions of a Union prison camp, a young captured Confederate becomes a “Galvanized Yankee”—a member of the United States Volunteers, regiments of Southern prisoners of war formed to protect white settlers from Indians on the Western frontier… more



The Summer of the Crow cover front thumbnailThe Summer of the Crow • by Eunice Boeve | Dust storms, rabbit drives, hobo camps, and riding on freight trains were all a part of life for many throughout the Midwest during the Great Depression. Polio and many other diseases had not yet been conquered and the huge dust storms that killed livestock and ruined crops also caused life-threatening respiratory ailments, such as asthma and pneumonia. In the spring of 1935, thirteen-year-old Brady Foster’s family is forced to leave their “dusted out” wheat farm in southwest Kansas when his mother’s asthma takes a turn for the worst … more


Echoes of Kansas Past cover front thumbnailEchoes of Kansas Past • A Travel Through Time • by Eunice Boeve and illustrated by Julie Peterson-Shea | Travel back in time with fourth grade twins, Jack and Mollie, in this illustrated chapter book and meet those who are now part of Kansas history. Go with the twins as they travel through time and find themselves “walking in the moccasins of others.” Among their experiences: living as Kanza Indians in 1620, riding an orphan train where new parents await the children, hiding with other scared runaway slaves in a dark cellar and meeting Abraham Lincoln, witnessing discrimination as first grade classmates of Langston Hughes in a non-integrated school, arriving at Fort Riley where they meet Comanche, the famous horse of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, again becoming Indian children in the harsh early days of the Haskell University, and attending a dance where they hear the first ever rendition of the state song, “Home on the Range.” … more

The WastageThe Wastage • by Dean Halliday Smith | A hard-hitting no holds barred novel of the war that created the United States, and the two days in December 1862 when it almost came undone and the Confederacy had its last great opportunity to win the Civil War… more




DiehardsDiehards: Why Fans Care So Much About Sports by Chip Scarinzi | Diehard sports fans are arguably the beating heart of the sports industry. In good times and in bad, they file into stadiums and arenas of all shapes and sizes ready to expend financial and emotional currency on a hobby that goes horribly wrong half of the time…  more


Seven to OneSeven to One: My Life Measured in Dog Yeard (A Joyful Memoir) • by Jerilynn Jones Henrikson | Tradition has it that one year of a dog’s life is equal to seven years of human life. The lifespan of the average dog is about twelve years. It follows that in eighty-four years a person could sequentially share life with seven dogs. My goal here is to “tell my life” in dog years, to measure phases of my existence by the lives of the dogs that have shared it… more


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Along Winding Trails • (Fiction Historical Western, Sequel to Along Shadowed Trails) Joshua Ryder, convinced he carries bad blood, leaves Texas in the spring of 1876 with a trail herd of longhorns bound for Montana. The following spring he heads west with plans to settle near the Pacific Ocean and live in solitude with just his books and horses for company. But a Nez Perce woman and her baby change his plans and he ends up in Virginia City, Montana. There an old washerwoman, a little girl of white and Chinese ancestry, a young woman with red curls, and a murder charge further complicate his life … more

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Along Shadowed Trails • (Fiction Historical Western, Prequel to Along Winding Trails) Joshua Ryder is eight when his mother is murdered. An old cowboy becomes the father he has never had and when he is dying asks Josh, now eighteen, to leave the ranch with their neighbor, Miguel, and get some experience working for another outfit. Riding Shadow, the buckskin he’s raised from a colt, Josh comes to the Rawlins’ ranch and hires on to help drive a herd of longhorns to Kansas … more


ComptonBorn and Raised in the Streets of Compton by Kevin “Salt Rocc” Lewis — A story of ghetto youth growing up in the city of Compton, California, a place where the navigation of daily life is literally, a tightrope between life and death. A true story based upon many events among the urban black youth growing up amidst poverty in the notorious city of Compton, California. This story follows the path of a second generation Crip member, who weaves his journey into the context of the United States sociological history … more


Big Brutus, the Kansas Coal ShovelBig Brutus, the Kansas Coal Shovel • by Brenda Eck, illustrated by Jessie Pohl | Big Brutus put the oooohs and aaahs in the backyard of the Heartlands! Miles before you reach this retired giant, you can see it on the horizon south of West Mineral, Kansas…more


cover-vest-front-150How a Boy Earned His Name • by Susan Holland | In the 1400s, a Native American boy growing up in what is now known as the Southwestern United States had to earn his name by accomplishing a notable feat. Historical tradition and petroglyphs are the basis for this exciting tale of a boy on his journey to acquire a name for himself…  more


Wishing You HomeWishing You Home • by Eunice Boeve | How do you make a banana split? The answer? Step on it. That is one of the jokes ten-year-old Bobby Benson and his dad, fighting in Germany in this last year of WWII, send in their letters. Wishing You Home begins with the news that Bobby’s best friend’s dad has been killed in the war. Bobby’s fear for his own dad’s safety increases…more


Maggie Rose and SassMaggie Rose and Sass • by Eunice Boeve | Maggie Rose and Sass explores the differences between two races and the culture of the times. The novel is set in 1888 in a fictional town based on Nicodemus, Kansas, a town settled eleven years earlier by ex-slaves from Kentucky. Life in Georgia with an ugly-tempered, racist grandmother has not prepared the orphaned Maggie Rose for Solomon Town whose citizens are almost all black. Sass has lived all her life in Solomon Town, the daughter of an ex-slave mother and a free-born, educated, mixed-race father. Raised in such totally different cultures, the two girls are bound to clash…more


Teddy cover front thumbnailTeddy, the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks • by Jerilynn Henrikson | Teddy, the William Allen White family’s fox terrier died in 1923. In this mix of history and imagination, the author uses Teddy’s ghost to tell his version of the family history. Family members, neighbors, and state historical society employees have experienced Teddy’s “presence” at Red Rocks to this day …  more


Dawn of Day cover front thumbnailDawn of Day • by J.A. McPhail and illustrated by Gwen Battis | Henrietta never liked history. But on a late summer day in 1932, she and her sometimes annoying little sister Irma Jean, hear an exciting true story from their artist friend, Maude Mitchell—a story that takes them back in time 75 years. … more


Little Ike cover front thumbnailLittle Ike • Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Abilene Boyhood • by Roy Bird and illustrated by Gwen Battis | “Abilene is just another small town,” Little Ike told himself, “no different from all the others that dot the plains.” But it had not always been that way. This book is filled with memories of Dwight’s family, friends, and community about one of the best known and most beloved citizens of America is sure to delight. … more