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A GlimpseA Glimpse: The Truly Excellent Scepter, a short story from the Trinity Tales of Tresia series • by J.A. McPhail | Winny’s grandmother has always watched over her in the physical and spiritual realms. In this short tale, Gran is given a glimpse into the Realms of Tresia, past, present, and future. Now she must choose what to do with the knowledge revealed. Will her choice affect Winny’s destiny? Gran’s decision could change everything for both of them. more


Trinity Tales of Tresia - Book IITrinity Tales of Tresia: A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella (Book II) • by J.A. McPhail | Brie has waited and hoped for a remarkable twelfth birthday gift from her neighbors. What they give her isn’t even close. It’s a horrible ugly black second-hand umbrella! Now she may never go on three magical journeys and discover the secrets of Tresia. Then Dave shows up. He’s too polite and way over-dressed. After her party, Brie’s expected to entertain “Goody-Two-Shoes” Dave all by herself… more


Trinity Tales of Tresia - Book ITrinity Tales of Tresia: A Most Remarkable Hat (Book I) • by J.A. McPhail | All her life Winifred Dalen has heard fantastic stories passed down from her grandmother and aunt about a mysterious universe and a secret family gift. But are the stories real? Now that Winny has turned twelve, it’s time for her to choose to believe or not. If she accepts them as truth, Winny has been told she will begin an amazing and magical journey… more


Seeds, Leaves, Fruits, and RootsSeeds, Leaves, Fruits, and Roots • by Jerilynn Henrikson | Join Joe in Book 2 of a three volume series about his continuing adventures with gardening. Thanks to his pup, Moe, he finds his lost new hoe, and the veggie growing begins! Joe is growing too, and so will young readers as they expand vocabularies and ideas. Joe loves to share what he grows with his family and their lively, diverse community. Jerilynn Henrikson’s clever use of language and Patty Kahn’s colorful illustrations provide sparks to fire young imaginations… more


Murphie and the MeerkatMurphie and the Meerkat • Murphie always tries to be a good girl and not get into trouble but unfortunately, trouble always seems to find her!!  She didn’t see the harm in sneaking out a warm, fuzzy little baby meerkat from the zoo but she soon discovers just exactly why she shouldn’t have taken it….  more


It's Hard to Hug a CowIt’s Hard to Hug a Cow • About a Registered Red Angus cow that is not just seen through the eyes of a human as a milk producing, profit making animal but as a friend. It’s Hard to Hug a Cow starts out with realistic pencil drawings going to cartoon drawings with comedic intent during the anticipated act of hugging this adorable critter. This is a fun book for those who love farm animals not to mention the Registered Red Angus raisers…  more


The Galvanized YankeeThe Galvanized Yankee • by Roy Bird | To escape the dreadful conditions of a Union prison camp, a young captured Confederate becomes a “Galvanized Yankee”—a member of the United States Volunteers, regiments of Southern prisoners of war formed to protect white settlers from Indians on the Western frontier… more


Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime BattleSnoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle • by by Terry Cralle, RN, MS, CPHQ and W. David Brown, PhD, DABSM, CBSM | Sam “fights” bedtime to stay awake and play, Snoozby “defends” sleep and the bedtime battle ensues. While Sam may win the bedtime battle that night, he loses the war when his day at school is completely disrupted due to his lack of sleep…. more


I Get to Be MeI Get to Be Me • by Grant Kollman | A young boy, who doesn’t want to go to school because of all the adversity he faces from bullies and others, would rather stay at home where through his imagination he can have amazing adventures and avoid being the person he really is. By discovering that being himself is an adventure, he realizes the many wonderful events and friends he’ll miss if he doesn’t go out and be himself!… more


A Fish WishA Fish Wish • by Kim Holley and illustrated by SaVanna Dixon | I thought to myself how much fun would it be to spend every day just swimming around in the sea! But think, think, think, how could I do this? Of course, that’s it! I’ll make believe I’m a fish!… more


How a Boy Earned His NameHow a Boy Earned His Name • by Susan Holland | In the 1400s, a Native American boy growing up in what is now known as the Southwestern United States had to earn his name by accomplishing a notable feat. Historical tradition and petroglyphs are the basis for this exciting tale of a boy on his journey to acquire a name for himself…  more


Maggie Rose and SassMaggie Rose and Sass • by Eunice Boeve | Maggie Rose and Sass explores the differences between two races and the culture of the times. The novel is set in 1888 in a fictional town based on Nicodemus, Kansas, a town settled eleven years earlier by ex-slaves from Kentucky. Life in Georgia with an ugly-tempered, racist grandmother has not prepared the orphaned Maggie Rose for Solomon Town whose citizens are almost all black. Sass has lived all her life in Solomon Town, the daughter of an ex-slave mother and a free-born, educated, mixed-race father. Raised in such totally different cultures, the two girls are bound to clash…more


The Summer of the Crow cover front thumbnailThe Summer of the Crow • by Eunice Boeve | Dust storms, rabbit drives, hobo camps, and riding on freight trains were all a part of life for many throughout the Midwest during the Great Depression. Polio and many other diseases had not yet been conquered and the huge dust storms that killed livestock and ruined crops also caused life-threatening respiratory ailments, such as asthma and pneumonia. In the spring of 1935, thirteen-year-old Brady Foster’s family is forced to leave their “dusted out” wheat farm in southwest Kansas when his mother’s asthma takes a turn for the worst … more


Hark! I Hear a MeadowlarkHark! I Hear a Meadowlark! • by Roy Bird and Kim Harp, illustrated by Gwen Battis | “Hark! I hear a meadowlark. And the meadowlark hears me.” Follow along as two small children discover numerous Kansas symbols using all five senses. It is sure to be a favorite for generations to come! … more


Echoes of Kansas Past cover front thumbnailEchoes of Kansas Past • A Travel Through Time • by Eunice Boeve and illustrated by Julie Peterson-Shea | Travel back in time with fourth grade twins, Jack and Mollie, in this illustrated chapter book and meet those who are now part of Kansas history. Go with the twins as they travel through time and find themselves “walking in the moccasins of others.” Among their experiences: living as Kanza Indians in 1620, riding an orphan train where new parents await the children, hiding with other scared runaway slaves in a dark cellar and meeting Abraham Lincoln, witnessing discrimination as first grade classmates of Langston Hughes in a non-integrated school, arriving at Fort Riley where they meet Comanche, the famous horse of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, again becoming Indian children in the harsh early days of the Haskell University, and attending a dance where they hear the first ever rendition of the state song, “Home on the Range.” … more


The Ranch Race cover front thumbnailThe Ranch Race • by Sam Carkhuff, Jr. and illustrated by Katie Crow | In this tale of adventure, the animals of the Witcher Ranch are off to compete in the annual ranch race! Follow Orana the Dog and her friends as they help one another, find themselves in some sticky situations, and race to the finish line. An encounter with some unwanted visitors creates a surprise ending for all to enjoy! On your mark … get set … GO! … more


Jamie's Journey cover front thumbnailJamie’s Journey • The Savannah • by Susan M. Ebbers and illustrated by Cory Godbey | In this beautifully illustrated story a boy follows his dream, using nothing but imagination and a marvelous morphing mat to brave the ocean, see the savannah, and make friends with an African elephant. The message? Read to awaken your dreams. Imagine, and make it happen. … more


Dawn of Day cover front thumbnailDawn of Day • by J.A. McPhail and illustrated by Gwen Battis | Henrietta never liked history. But on a late summer day in 1932, she and her sometimes annoying little sister Irma Jean, hear an exciting true story from their artist friend, Maude Mitchell—a story that takes them back in time 75 years. … more

My Two Great Great AuntsMy Two Great Great Aunts • Personality differences can cause all sorts of conflicts for family members who share a home, but not for these two sisters. Aunt Mary Ann and Aunt Agnes discover life improves for both of them when they cherish their similarities and embrace their differences….  more


Joe and Pam Make JamJoe and Pam Make Jam • Joe is growing up, and so are his readers. In Book 3 of the Joe the Gardener series, big brother Joe enlists the help of his lively little sister, Pam, in planting strawberries to make some jam. Joe is the “expert” but Pam keeps him on his toes with her questions…  more


That Mouse Can Fly • by Kim Holley | What began as the most uneventful summer vacation day turned into an exciting, heart-pounding, fun-filled adventure. How fun would it be to hear stories of world travels from a furry little rodent and see colorful illustrations as well? Listen to the story of That Mouse Can Fly and let your imagination soar…. more


A Home in AmericaA Home in America: A Volga German Story • The Mueller family, descendants of the Germans who settled the Volga River area in Russia in the mid-1700s, turn to America to escape Russia’s enforced military service. Told through the eyes of twelve year old Eva, the story chronicles the hardships of their travels by land and sea to America and their resettlement on the Kansas plains…  more


Friends Surprise FriendsFriends Surprise Friends • Meet an unlikely mix, a family of friends. Puppy Fish is a different type of animal, half dog half fish, much like a doggie mermaid, with a huge heart full of compassion. A one-eyed patch wearing pony named Captain Danny. Even with his vision disability his desire to help others with his kindness abounds. A side walking Cranky Crabby Crab, with a mood disorder, is always wants to go play. Despite his crankiness and whining, his friends show patience and kindness …  more


No Weeds, No Bugs, No BunniesNo Weeds, No Bugs, No Bunnies • by Jerilynn Henrikson | Jerilynn Henrikson and Patty Kahn have teamed up to create a series of early readers featuring Joe and his adventures with gardening. Any gardener knows that planting a garden takes determination. It seems problems always come up like weeds… or bugs… or bunnies… more


BreadBread! Bread! Bread! • by Gloria Creed-Dikeogu | Bread! Bread! Bread! is a simple, yet colorful children’s story set in Cape Town, South Africa, during World War II. Mama sends Tietie, the eldest of seven children, to the Indian store to fetch bread. On her way to the store, Tietie finds that the bread truck has met with an accident… more


Maggie Mae's Hare-Brained DayMaggie Mae’s Hare-Brained Day • by Deb Jackson | You wouldn’t believe how hard a jack rabbit can kick! Maggie Mae finds out the hard way. She chases that trespassing hare into his rabbit hole and gets thumped on the head, just for doing her job! Now with a sore nose and throbbing brain, she heads home through the pasture to her sister, Holly, for help. When they put their heads together they come up with a surprising lesson! Two wrongs, don’t make a right!… more


Wishing You HomeBig Brutus, the Kansas Coal Shovel • by Brenda Eck, illustrated by Jessie Pohl | Big Brutus put the oooohs and aaahs in the backyard of the Heartlands! Miles before you reach this retired giant, you can see it on the horizon south of West Mineral, Kansas…more


Wishing You HomeWishing You Home • by Eunice Boeve | How do you make a banana split? The answer? Step on it. That is one of the jokes ten-year-old Bobby Benson and his dad, fighting in Germany in this last year of WWII, send in their letters. Wishing You Home begins with the news that Bobby’s best friend’s dad has been killed in the war. Bobby’s fear for his own dad’s safety increases…more


Teddy cover front thumbnailTeddy, the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks • by Jerilynn Henrikson | Teddy, the William Allen White family’s fox terrier died in 1923. In this mix of history and imagination, the author uses Teddy’s ghost to tell his version of the family history. Family members, neighbors, and state historical society employees have experienced Teddy’s “presence” at Red Rocks to this day …  more


gloves-cover-front-115I Love Gloves • by Kim Holley and illustrated by Kristen Hawkins | Imagine if your favorite superhero got dressed in the dark and put on the wrong pair of gloves? Wouldn’t it be funny to see your superhero in the garden planting flowers wearing a cape and mask and polka dot gloves? In a world of make believe, sometimes all it takes is the right pair of gloves to help you become anything or anyone you can imagine yourself to be … more


Rollie Pollie Review cover front thumbnailRollie Pollie Review • by Kim Holley and illustrated by Kristen Hawkins | Ever imagine what else rollie pollies could do with all those arms and legs besides roll all around in your hand? Well, get ready to boogie, because here comes the Rollie Pollie Review! … more


Little Ike cover front thumbnailLittle Ike • Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Abilene Boyhood • by Roy Bird and illustrated by Gwen Battis | “Abilene is just another small town,” Little Ike told himself, “no different from all the others that dot the plains.” But it had not always been that way. This book is filled with memories of Dwight’s family, friends, and community about one of the best known and most beloved citizens of America is sure to delight. … more


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Girls Don’t Take Karate • by Susan Sweenie and illustrated by Jillian Dister | One little girl who is in love with the color PINK and all things “girly” discovers her love of karate and how fun it can be to try something new and different. With the help of her parents and karate instructor, she learns that if she tries her best, she can do anything! … more


Don't Stick a Bean Up Your Nose! cover front thumbnailDon’t Stick a Bean Up Your Nose! • by TJ Benham and illustrated by Jillian Dister | What might happen if you decide your nose is where beans want to hide? Find out one possibility as Grandpa recalls his personal experience as a young boy! … more


Whats Different Whats the Same cover front thumbnailWhat’s Different … What’s the Same? • by Jamie Moore Chapel and Nancy Chapel Eberhardt | Vivid and engaging photographs explore the concepts of same and different. Youngsters are invited to use what they know about color, texture, shape and weight to observe how objects change. An answer key presents the surprise discovery that all pairs of objects weigh the same, providing a unique introduction to conservation of mass. … more


Bunny Tales cover front thumbnailBunny Tales • by Zechariah Rowe | What do bunnies do when the farmer is not around? Find out what Junior Bunny is up to when the farmer is not looking. Packed full of adventure! Written and illustrated by Zechariah Rowe when he was 9 years old. Bunny Tales was inspired by his own bunnies that he raised on his family farm in Kansas. … more