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Pendulum of the SunPendulum of the Sun • After colonizing the planet Iska for two decades, humanity struggles to survive. The planet has severe seasons, malicious beasts and natives with strange powers. As the humans’ expanded, the natives retreated into the wilderness. The humans separated into two factions, the free people of the Settlement, who lived in the elements of the hostile planet and the people of the Domes. The people of the Domes are prisoners, under a totalitarian ruler, bent on destroying the Settlement…  more


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Shadow of Ireland • by G.M. Collins | Fleeing from Ireland to North America, Fiona Keane hides the birth of her beloved Bryn by allowing her criminal husband to believe she is dead, but her lover is spotted and life as they know it ends in a chase that kills them both leaving her only child critically wounded… more


The Curse of Senmut cover front thumbnailThe Curse of Senmut • The Ardis Cole Series (Book 1) • by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson | Outside a small village near the Valley of the Kings, archaeologist Ardis Cole arrives in Egypt to help excavate a tomb recently discovered by her mentor, Jane Darvin. When Jane is murdered, … more



Unmarked GraveUnmarked Grave • The Ardis Cole Series (Book 2) • by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson | Ardis travels to Scotland to do a facial reconstruction on a skull her friend Bruce McBrier has discovered in the woods outside his ancestral castle … more




The Crimson Masquerade cover front thumbnailThe Crimson Masquerade • The Ardis Cole Series (Book 3) • by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson | Trouble precedes Ardis Cole to the site of a Han Dynasty tomb in China. Dr. Yong Po, who has asked for her assistance, is being stalked by a person wearing a crimson opera mask … more




Murder and the Monalet Ruby cover front thumbnailMurder and the Monalet Ruby • The Ardis Cole Series (Book 4) • by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson | When Ardis Cole goes to South Dakota to handle a bequest of pioneer and Sioux artifacts left to the University of Chicago by the wealthy private collector, Anthony LaMoine, she finds unexpected trouble—a stolen ruby … more


The Destruction of NevaThe Destruction of Neva • The Ardis Cole Series (Book 5) • by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson | Ardis Cole is summoned to Russia to help Grant Merlin’s friend, Nikolai Savik, locate a priceless marble statue called Neva. The life-sized sculpture vanished along with the artist, Nikolai’s uncle Treve Savik, seven years ago…  more


Killer of EaglesKiller of Eagles • The Ardis Cole Series (Book 6) • by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson | Ardis Cole braves a sudden blizzard on her way to the isolated Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation to help her friend, Ella White Owl, locate her missing niece. Carrie, an art teacher at Shadow Pass High School, appears to have simply vanished …  more


The Pirated EmeraldThe Pirated Emerald • The Ardis Cole Series (Book 7) • by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson | Ardis reached out for the glowing jewel encased in its thick, crude mounting of gold. She gazed incredulously at the ring, unable to believe that she held in her hand the famous pirated Sea Star Emerald. When Ardis’ colleague, Red Michaels, is found crushed to death by a fallen beam in the wreck of the 1858 clipper ship, the Fortune, she flies to Galveston…  more